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Flooding and volcanic activity

Wednesday, January 13: ShelterBox is sending emergency aid to Port au Prince, Haiti after an 7.0 magnitude earthquake. ShelterBoxes and a ShelterBox Response Team were immediately dispatched.

The team on the ground have described the situation in Port au Prince as desperate.

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THURSDAY, january 15:
A ShelterBox Response Team has arrived in Haiti's capital Port au Prince a day after an earthquake devastated the island. David Eby (US), Wayne Robinson (US) and Mark Pearson (UK) are on the ground evaluating the situation.

930 ShelterBoxes are already in route with 1000 more being packed at ShelterBox headquarters.

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Sunday, January 17: 1,700 ShelterBoxes have been dispatched to Haiti and a further 1,600 will leave from the UK this week. Warehouse volunteers in the UK have worked tirelessly packing the boxes.

A second ShelterBox Response Team has arrived in Miami. SRT members Mark Dyer, John Lacquey, Steven Tonkinson (all US) and Ian Neal (UK) have met up with recently arrived ShelterBoxes.

Ian Neal will be heading to Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic to run further logistics from there and work with the Response Team in Port-au-Prince.

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Tuesday, January 19: The first ShelterBoxes have arrived at Port au Prince airport. With hundreds more expected later today.

ShelterBox has established three separate operational centers in and around Haiti to help distribute assistance to the estimated one million people left homeless by the devastating January 12 earthquake.

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Wednesday, January 20: The first ShelterBoxes to arrive in the Haiti have been immediately put to use by doctors in desperate need of equipment to help treat huge numbers of injured by the earthquake.

Tents are being used by hospitals in Port au Prince to provide emergency shelter for post surgery patients. 400 more ShelterBoxes arrived in Port au Prince yesterday from Miami, accompanied by ShelterBox General Manager and Response Team member Lasse Petersen.

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Tuesday, January 26: Families with newborn babies and pregnant women are being provided with emergency shelter in ShelterBox tents.

Response Team members have set up a ShelterBox camp for up to 1,000 people on the Henfrasa sports field in Delmas, Port au Prince, those most in need.

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Friday, February 05: The third shipment of aid for Haiti departs the UK, containing enough Shelterboxes to provide humanitarian aid for up to 18,000 Haitians.

Flying with the aid are ShelterBox Response Team members Mark Boeck (UK) and David Ray (UK) as well as ShelterBox Head of Operations, John Leach (UK).

With the imminent onset of heavy rains the Haitian people are crying out for shelter which can stand up to the elements.

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Friday, February 12: One month on from the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti and more than 8,000 ShelterBoxes have sent to the island, with thousands more set to follow, making this ShelterBox’s largest deployment since the Indian Ocean Tsunami.

Each box is providing emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies to the people who need them most.

Each box is making a difference.

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Thursday, March 04: ShelterBox CEO and Founder Tom Henderson visits Haiti to see firsthand how the charity is providing shelter to families who have lost everything.

Over 10,000 ShelterBox tents have been distributed to those left homeless in the tragedy, with thousands more tents on the way.

Tom has been undertaking a field assessment of ShelterBox’s operations in Haiti and meeting partner agencies who have provided support during one of the largest deployments in the charity’s history.

He is joined by ShelterBox’s International Training Academy Manager Ben Spurway (UK) and ShelterBox Response Team member David Eby (US), one of the first aid workers to arrive in Port au Prince following the earthquake on January 12.

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Monday, April 12: It's been three months since the earthquake shook Haiti and ShelterBox has now delivered over 13,000 ShelterBoxes to families who lost their homes.

Over 100,000 survivors are rebuilding their lives in ShelterBox tents.

ShelterBox is preparing to send another 5,000 boxes of aid – enough for a further 50,000 people – with thousands more ShelterBoxes due to arrive in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, during the coming months.

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Wednesday, April 21: Close to 40 ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) members have now been deployed to Haiti since the catastrophic earthquake, distributing aid for up to 150,000 people.

SRT member Beverly Hill (US), has just arrived in Port au Prince on her first deployment.

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Friday, May 07: ShelterBox continues its relief effort in Haiti almost four months after the catastrophic earthquake.

However, the charities work in not soley concentrated in the countries capital Port au Prince.  With the help of the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service, ShelterBox is delivering curcial supplies to Haiti's Grand Ravines region. 

ShelterBox Response Team member Phil Duloy (UK) was deployed to Haiti in February to assist with the ongoing relief effort.

Click here to read his account of delivering ShelterBoxes to Dufort, a mountainous community stuck by the earthquake.

Wednesday, May 19: It's been over four months since Haiti was devastated by an earthquake and ShelterBox continues to lead  the relief aid effort, delivering over 16,000 ShelterBoxes to survivors.

Despite flight disruptions due to the volcanic ash cloud ShelterBox continues to provide Response Team members and vital supplies to help families who are slowly rebuilding their lives and communities.

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thursday, october 28: ShelterBox are continuing to distribute aid alongside the French Red Cross and IOM.

Thursday, January 13, 2011: ShelterBox are still operational in Haiti and the one year anniversary of the terrible earthquake has been marked with a week of coverage on

A quarter of all tents delivered to families who lost everything in the Haiti earthquake have been provided by ShelterBox.

ShelterBox Head of Operations, John Leach, said: "People in Haiti are facing a battle for survival. We've helped them fight this battle from day one and will continue to work alongside them as they rebuild their lives for as long as we're required"

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