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Flooding and volcanic activity

ShelterBoxes were despatched to Kenya where two ShelterBox Response Teams worked with the Kenyan Red Cross to deliver 224 boxes of aid to the flood-hit region of Turkana.

Tent recipient Awoi Lomungur, aged 80, from Juluk, said: "It's good that someone has heard of my need and saved me from the rain, wind, heat and mosquitoes. I can now live independently without having to rely on others."

Calistus Napulo, an assistant government chief in Juluk, added: "In my area alone 446 victims were severely affected, many of whom are children. My people are so pleased with the tents."

ShelterBox Response Team members Jess Stanton (UK), David Webber (UK), Ed Owen (UK) and Graham Henderson (UK) were deployed to Kenya.