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Flooding and volcanic activity

Tuesday, june 1: ShelterBox is responding to a devastating tropical storm which has ravaged large parts of Central America and forced tens of thousands of people out of their homes.

A two-person ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) from North America is being mobilized and will head to Guatemala to assess the situation. Reports say that close to 100,000 home have been destroyed by the storm.

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Friday, june 4: SRT members Alan Monroe and Mike Freeman, both from the US, will leave for Guatemala tomorrow where they will meet up with the Emergency Disaster Committee of the Rotary Clubs of Guatemala who they have been working closely with since learning of their deployment.

Saturday, June 5: Alan and Mike fly from Atlanta, Georgia in the US to San Salvador, capital city of El Salvador, due to the back lof of flights into Guatemala City. They are met by a representative from the organization, Hope for Guatemala, and travel for five hours into Guatemala.

Once there they meet with the Emergency Disaster Committee who have been coordinating logistics, including travel and accomodation for the SRT.

Alan said: "As an SRT coming into Guatemala, I was overwhelmed by the support the Guatemalan people have shown to our team as well as the level of preparedness and professionalism they had embodied in the few short days after the disaster."

Tuesday, june 8: First consignment of ShelterBoxes due to be sent to Guatemala. Team reports there is a clear need.

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Wednesday, June 9: 512 ShelterBoxes are confirmed for Guatemala and will be shipped from ShelterBox HQ. The SRT in country are working to clear the logistical path for the boxes once they arrive.

Friday, June 11: The SRT return home while the boxes are in transit to Guatemala.

Saturday, June 19: A second SRT, made up of Mike Freeman, John Lacquey and Trannie Lacquey (all US) arrived back in Guatemala to meet the first consignment of ShelterBoxes.

Wednesday, June 23: The team will begin distribution tomorrow.

The below photographs are from the SRT in Guatemala: