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Flooding and volcanic activity

Saturday, june 19: ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) member, Mark Pearson (UK), leaves the UK to spearhead a response to two disasters in Pakistan.

He will head to the south first to coordinate the effort to provide emergency shelter to families affected by Cyclone Phet in the Gwadar region. Mark will then travel north where a massive landslide in January blocked the flow of the Hunza river and destroyed two villages. The huge mass of rocks blocked the river, effectively damming up the entire area and creating and ever-rising lake.

Tuesday, june 22: Mark is working with the Rotary Club of Karachi to deliver aid into Gwadar.

Wednesday, june 23: 1,900 ShelterBox tents have arrived in Pakistan and will be delivered in Gwadar and Gilgit, Hunza. Click here to find out more...

The below photos show the massive damage caused by Cyclone Phet: