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Flooding and volcanic activity

wednesday, august 4: ShelterBox is responding to horrific flooding in the Pernambuco and Alagoas regions of Brazil. Below is a slideshow of images from the region.


Thursday, june 24
: Massive flooding in the Pernambuco and Alagoas regions of Brazil has left tens of thousands of families homeless.

The state of Alagoas has been the worst affected. The River Mundau burst its banks in the town of Uniao dos Palmares and the town of Quebrangulo was nearly completely submerged in flood waters.

A two-person ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) of Pat Predergast (UK) and Phil Duloy (UK) were mobilized yesterday and are due to arrive in the region tomorrow.

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The below video, of the immediate aftermath of the flooding, is from ITN:


Friday, June 25:
The SRT have arrived in Brazil and are working with Brazilian Rotarian and ShelterBox Supporter, Conrado Orsatti to asses the situation and begin clearing the logistical path for the arrival of ShelterBoxes.

Monday, June 28: Pat Predergast and Phil Duloy, the SRT in Brazil, have been working in Purnambuco and Alagoas assessing the need. They say the damage from the floods is as bad as they have seen.

"It's devastating," said Pat. "Just like a tsunami. There's places where the river was more than 10 metres high, covering a huge area. It's awful. There's a huge need and the Brazilian people are desperate for help."

Wednesday, june 30: The SRT and their Rotarian contacts have secured the logistical route for ShelterBox to deliver aid into Brazil. They have worked side by side with the State Govenors of Pernambuco and Alagoas to clear the route and an initial consignment of 400 ShelterBoxes are now due to leave ShelterBox HQ in the UK.

Thursday, July 1: The first consignment of ShelterBoxes has left for Brazil and are expected to arrive on Sunday, July 4.

Sunday, july 4: 200 ShelterBoxes arrive in Recife, Brazil along with SRT members Tom Lay (UK) and John Cordell (US).

monday, july 5: The first families who lost their homes in the flooding move into ShelterBox tents.

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MONDAY, JULY 12: After being temporarily housed in a local school, families moved into "Camp Confidence" in Barrieros, Pernambuco State, Brazil. The SRT on the ground has been working closely with local Rotary contacts, state government, Brazilan Army and Fire Brigade to construct 2 large camps in the area, comprising 200 tents.

TUESDAY, JULY 13: Response Team moved south to Alegoas state to prepare sites for the imminent arrival of more boxes.

THURSDAY, JULY 15: A further 140 boxes have arrived today. The SRT are working closely with the local government as they prepare sites for the tents.

FRIDAY, July 16: SRTs are battling against worsening weather to set up two camps of 75 and 45 tents in Uniao dos Palmares, Alagoas state. There is still a huge need as ShelterBox is the only aid agency on the ground providing emergy shelter. The team are planning to stabalize an additional two villages in the area, Branquinha and Murici, before moving to Pernambuco state.

Saturday, July 17: 200 boxes installed in Barrieros. A second consignment of 200 boxes arrived in Alagoas. The team continues to prepare sites despite ongoing bad weather.

"There is still a tremendous need," said team leader John Cordell. "We reviewed 3 warehouses containing almost 2000 persons (450 families), displaced by the flood, a gymnasium with untold hundreds of persons and a school that has 550 persons that need to be moved."

MONDAY, JULY 19: Team members Gary Boe and Ryder Evans have set to work developing the sites at Agua Peta and Palmares.

Tuesday, july 20: Weather improving and action begins to recommence. The site at Branquinha is nearly ready, gravel is being laid ready for 100 tents. Team members trained 10 young men to build tents at that location. back