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Flooding and volcanic activity

monday, november 8: ShelterBox continues to distribute aid through in-country partners NRSP. Relief efforts are ongoing. Below is an image of ShelterBox tents in use within the region. Photography by Mark Pearson.


Thursday, October 14:
The massive aid effort in pakistan continues with enough emergency shelter for more than 140,000 people now committed to the country. ShelterBox will now be working on a repatriation program with its partners in Pakistan, NRSP.

tuesday, october 5:
ShelterBox are continuing to respond to the devastation caused by floods earlier in the year.

Tuesday, august 17: 5,000 water filtration units and 2,500 water carriers will be sent to Pakistan in response to the flooding within the country.

The LifeStraws and water carriers are being flown out this week and will join the 1,900 ShelterBox tents already deployed in the country and the 624 ShelterBoxes which are on their way to Pakistan.

friday, august 13:
A further 200 emergency boxes of aid will leave ShelterBox and will be flown from France to Islamabad, Pakistan by the French military at no cost.

The boxes will then be distributed in partnership with the French Embassy Islamabad and National Disaster Management Authority Pakistan.

Thursday, august 12:
200 ShelterBoxes are due to leave ShelterBox HQ today destined for Pakistan and more boxes will follow.

These boxes are in addition to the pre-positioned ShelterBox tents which are currently being distributed in the flood-hit country.

The boxes will be flown to Islamabad, Pakistan, where they will be distributed to displaced families by ShelterBox local partners, the NRSP (National Rural Support Programme).

Below is a slideshow of photographs taken at ShelterBox HQ in Cornwall of boxes being packed. Photography by Tom Lay


Wednesday, August 11:
ShelterBox partners in Pakistan are distributing 400 tents to survivors of the devastating floods that continue to ravage the country.

Rotary Karachi and the NDMA (National Disaster Management Agency) are now distributing the tents in the Sindh province in south east Pakistan, the latest area to be affected by the spreading floodwater.

The 400 tents were taken from a prepositioned stock of 900 that were sent to southern Pakistan in June, in addition to the 1,000 that ShelterBox positioned in the north of the country.

Monday, august 9:
The below video of the aftermath of  flooding is from ITN.


Tuesday, August 3:

ShelterBox are working with partners in Pakistan to distribute relief. So far 1000 ShelterBoxes have been distributed to those in need in under 48 hours.

The below photographs show the extent of the flooding so far. Pictures courtesy of NRSP.


Monday, August 2: 
ShelterBox is responding to the worst flooding in more than 80 years in Pakistan. 406 ShelterBoxes have already been distributed to families rescued from the floods in the Punjab and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (KPK) regions.

A further 600 ShelterBoxes are set to be distributed in the next 24 hours.

Working with NRSP (National Rural Support Programme) and Rotarians in Pakistan, the pre-positioned ShelterBoxes will be distributed to key areas and will be providing shelter and warmth to displaced families soon.

ShelterBox Head of Operations, John Leach, appraised the response: "Our forward planning and strategic alliance with NRSP means we’ve been able to get aid to families in most need within 48 hours of the floods hitting."