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Flooding and volcanic activity

Tuesday, october 5: ShelterBox Response Team members have been continuing to deliver relief within Niger and have now distributed 369 ShelterBoxes.

Below is a slideshow of images from the current deployment to Niger. Photography by Thomas Lay.


tuesday, september 28: ShelterBox are working with local servicemen, Rotarians and military to distribute relief to those families most in need. 200 ShelterBoxes have been distributed within Niger in response to the devastating floods.

friday, september 9: Families are set to move into the first ShelterBox tents today. The SRT says the days are hot and long but they can already see the difference ShelterBox is making.

The first 50 of 200 ShelterBoxes have been distributed in Niamey. Families will begin moving into the 50 disaster relief tents in the coming days. The SRT have identified a distribution site for the remaining 150 ShelterBoxes which will be distributed immediately.

ShelterBox has committed a further 200 boxes and 4 Classrooms in a Box to the country.

Tuesday, september 7:
The first wave of distribution is set to begin today. The SRT have already identified 18 sites in Niamey that need ShelterBox's help.

Monday, September 6: Niger, in West Africa, has suffered the worst flooding it has experienced in 80 years. The River Niger, Africas third largest river, reached a record height after heavy rains fell across West Africa causing the river to burst its banks.

Homes, crops and roads in Niger have all been destroyed with Niamey, the country’s capital, one of the worst hit areas. Thousands of people in the city have lost their homes and this is where ShelterBoxes initial distribution will be.

A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT), consisting of Mike Freeman (US), Ed Owen (UK) and Tom Lay (UK) arrived in the capital on Sunday, September 5. They will be working with local Rotarians and distributing an initial consignment of 200 ShelterBoxes to families in most need.