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Flooding and volcanic activity

firday, november 12: ShelterBoxes have now been distributed in the Villahermosa, Veracruz and Tabasco regions. SRT Joe Cannon (UK) who returned home this week said: 'Last week I had the privilege of handing out a box to a family of eight whose home had been completely washed away by the recent flooding.

"The only access to this family was by a ninety minute boat ride and a two hour road trip from our base. They'd received no aid up until this point and were living in what can only be described as appalling conditions."

monday, november 8: SRT's Tom Schaafsma (US) and Scott Robinson (US) are now working within south east Mexico to distribute 600 ShelterBoxes. So far around 540 of these have been distributed to families in need.

Below is a slideshow of images from the region. Photography by Jeninifer Kormendy.


wednesday, november 3:
A ShelterBox Response Team of Tom Schaafsma (US) and Scott Robinson (US) will be replacing Dave Ray (UK), Graham Henderson (UK), Joe Canon (UK) and Tom Newman (UK) who have been working in the country since early October.
The new team will work to distribute 600 ShelterBoxes which have been sent to south east Mexico where there are still hundreds of families in need after flooding and landslides.

thursday, october 28: The ShelterBox Response Team are continuing to work alongside local Rotarians to distirbute aid. ShelterBox has now committed 600 ShelterBoxes to southern Mexico, emergency shelter for up to 6,000 people.

friday, october 22:
ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) members Dave Ray, Joe Cannon, Graham Henderson and Tom Newman (all UK) have been dispatched to Veracruz to distribute ShelterBoxes to regions in most need.

Wednesday, October 13: The first consignment of ShelterBoxes is due to arrive next week. A new team is currently being mobilized. In the meantime, the current team is set to travel to Guatemala to oversee the distribution of 200 ShelterBoxes.

tuesday, october 12:
ShelterBox are continuing to respond to flooding, landslides and hurricane damage in Mexico.

A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) is currently working alongside local Rotarians to ensure distribution of aid to those areas in most need. The team completed a reconnaissance by air, land and water around the areas of Veracruz, Minatitlan and Villahermosa.

Some villages to the north of Villahermosa were only accessible by helicopter having been entirely isolated by flood water. One of these villages was Rancheria Los Idols where the team discovered tents from a previous ShelterBox deployment in 2007. Three years on and the tents are still being used by the villagers.

ShelterBox has now committed 600 ShelterBoxes to southern Mexico, emergency shelter for up to 6,000 people.

Thursday, october 7:
The team are currently in Minatitlan, a town between Veracruz and Villahermosa, which was cut off from the major humanitarian aid routes to the West by the flooding. They arrived by light aircraft in the early afternoon and liaised with Rotary and the Civil Protection Service.  They carried out a comprehensive needs assessment by boat through flooded areas and submerged villages.
SRT member Ian Neal (UK) said: ‘"We reached Monte Alto, an elevated area where people from the surrounding flooded villages had sought refuge in local buildings. 122 families were sheltered in the church and primary school alone. Many people continue to live on top of their homes under improvised shelter, moving between houses by boat."

"Aid has not yet reached this area, which has been cut off by the rising waters.  The arrival of ShelterBoxes would allow families to begin to rebuild their lives and add a sense of normality with the return of school and church services."

Eighty-year old Maria Enriqueta Jimenez Reyes, whose home was completely engulfed by the flood waters, has been sheltering in the school with her 7 grandchildren for the last 2 weeks.

Since the team’s arrival in Mexico, local Rotarians have provided vital assistance in helping them achieve their objectives.

SRT member Ian Neal conduct site surveys by boat. Photograph: Jennifer Kormendy


Wednesday, october 6:
Around 200,000 people have been affected by the floodwaters and stormy weather continues to plague those left homeless. SRT member Jennifer Kormendy (CA) says ShelterBox is being welcomed with open arms.

Jennifer said: "One town we visited north of Veracruz had 180 homes along the river washed away. People have only the clothes on their backs and have been sleeping outdoors with not so much as blankets. We were there after dark and saw people sleeping underneath cars."

"Shelters in the city of Veracruz are full of people evacuated from rural areas that are completely under water still. ShelterBox is being welcomed with open arms by everyone we meet."

tuesday, october 5:
The team reports there is large scale damage from wind and floods in Veracruz. They conducted assessments from helicopter and say the need looks to be huge.

The below image, taken from the helicopter, is by SRT member Jennifer Kormendy (CA):

Monday, October 4:
The team are travelling to Veracruz to assess the need in the worst hit areas. They will also be travelling to Villahermosa to conduct further assessments.

Saturday, october 2:
The SRT have arrived in Mexico City and will travel south to the affected areas tomorrow.

Wednesday, september 29:
ShelterBox is responding to damage caused by Hurricanes Karl and Matthew as well as landslides in Southern Mexico.

A three-person ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) consisting of Ian Neal (UK), Jennifer Kormendy (CA) and Jack Chambers (UK) have been mobilized and will arrive in the country at the weekend.

ShelterBox Operations Coordinator, Jess Stanton said: "Mexico is a country that repeatedly suffers from natural disasters. Our thoughts go out to all of those who have been affected by the recent events."