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Flooding and volcanic activity

friday, november 26: Distribution of ShelterBoxes is ongoing in northern Philippines. A ShelterBox Response Team of Arnold Kelly (NZ), David Hatcher (UK), Andy Biss (UK) and Richard Innes (UK) are working within the region.

monday, november 15:The ShelterBox Response Team have now deployed boxes locally to regions around Ilagan.The team have further assessed the need for shelter around the regions of Maconacon, Divilacan and Palanan. SRT Christopher Donald, who is currently helping with the relief effort, aid: "A woman and her six children were living in a collapsed roof. With no husband to help her rebuild she was living in a space smaller than a cupboard, exposed to the elements. I like to think I'm hardened but sometimes it really gets you. She's now in a ShelterBox disaster relief tent thanks to all our donors." 

friday, november 12: Distribution of ShelterBoxes within northern Philippines has now begun although the process remains difficult due to restricted access in many areas.

Lyndon Tamblyn (NZ) who has now returned home, said: "There is no road access, so you're relying on helicopters or ... finding out boat access, and there's yet another storm happening, so the seas are too rough to get a boat close enough to the shores to offload."

"It was like I'd imagine a big aircraft that had crashed into the forest. All the trees had been stripped bare, the tops broken off and there were sheets of corrugated iron absolutely everywhere. Everyone's items in the houses were strewn everywhere."

A ShelterBox Response Team comprised of Arnold Kelly (NZ), Peter Pearce (AU), Phil Duloy (UK), Chris Donald (UK), Rick Commisso (US) and Matthias Maurer (CH/DE) will continue the distribution efforts.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 8:   There is continuing bad weather and flooding within northern Philippines. 200 ShelterBoxes are now en route to the Luzon Province.

Below is a slideshow of images from the current deployment in the Philippines.


WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 3: 200 ShelterBoxes are set to be distributed in the northern Philippines which was struck by a super-typhoon.SRT members Peter Pearce (AU), Greg Moran (AU), Arnold Kelly (NZ) and Walter van der Kley (NZ) are currently coordinating the response from Manila and the Isabela province. Work is ongoing.

thursday, october 28:
Distribution of boxes continues within the Philippines, particularly in the far northern region of the country. New SherlterBox Response Team membersPeter Pearce (AU) , Walter van der Kley (NZ) and Greg Moran (AU) will soon be joining the effort.

friday, october 22:
A state of calamity has been declared in the northern Philippines after the strongest typhoon to strike the country this year left a trail of destruction in its wake.

Super Typhoon Megi, known locally as Juan, hit the Philippines’ northern Isabela province on Monday, October 18 prompting the province’s governor to declare a state of calamity. A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) was immediately mobiliZed and the first consignment of ShelterBoxes have been committed to the country.

SRT members Lyndon Tamblyn (NZ) and Arnold Kelly (NZ) will arrive in Manila where they will be working with local Rotarians to establish the areas of greatest need while they await the arrival of 200 ShelterBoxes and 4 Classrooms in a Box.