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Flooding and volcanic activity

friday, november 26: Distribution of ShelterBoxes continues within the region as the SRT's work to deliver aid to remote areas of Indonesia. One of the Response Team's is working in the Mentawai Islands whilst a second Response Team is working in Central Java helping families who lost everything in the eruption of Mount Merapi. 

More than 280 boxes have already been distributed throughout the region. 

monday, november 15: Becky Maynard (SRT) has sent us this update from the Mentawai Islands where her and other ShelterBox Response Team members are working to distribute aid from their base onboard Mikumba 1: "Another 44 ShelterBoxes delivered today. The weather has been good to us. It's still very slow going and tough work, even in good weather having to get boxes from RIB to shore by hand and conditions very muddy accessing camps. Loading another 50 boxes onto the boat tonight."

friday, november 12: The first ShelterBox has reached families in the Mentawai Islands thanks to a gruelling relief effort from ShelterBox Response Team members. The team have overcome difficulties to deliver the first boxes to the region after adverse weather conditions and the difficulties of distributing aid within tremendously remote areas provided a challenge to the effort.

 "Access to the worst affected areas is still proving incredibly difficult. We have to load small boats with five or six boxes at a time and then land the craft as near to the island as we can. Once we reach the shore we're carrying the boxes out through the sea to make it to the beach" said SRT Becky Maynard (UK).

thursday, november 11: A ShelterBox Response Team comprised of Mark Smith (UK), Jodie Hurt (UK), Becky Maynard (UK), Becky Scarrott (UK), Tony Williams (UK), Dan Dudzinski (US) and Noel Currie (CA) are operating off the charter boat Mikumba 1 from the Mentawai Islands. Meanwhile David Eby (US) is coordinating ShelterBox's relief effort from Padang / Jakarta.

wednesday, november 10: The first 50 ShelterBoxes have arrived in the Mentawai Islands and will be used to provide emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies to families who lost their homes in the tsunami. A further 70 boxes are en route to Padang with IOM and Caritas.

monday, november 8: ShelterBox Response Team members are in Padang, Sumatra where work has begun on loading ShelterBoxes onto International Organisation for Migration (IOM) transport at Padang airport, ready for transport to the Mentawai Islands by boat.

Below is a slideshow of images sent back to us from SRT member Mike Greenslade (AUS).


Friday, november 5: The latest ShelterBox Response Team members have arrived in the region to assist with the ongoing effort.

SRT member Jodie E Hurt who is in Padang, Sumatra sent us this update: "It's been a long few days in meetings and trying to coordinate the delivery of aid to the Mentawai Islands. Logistically, it's a nightmare and a storm is seriously affecting help reaching the people who have suffered so much and continue to do so. We're working hard to ensure the delivery of ShelterBoxes as soon as possible."

Becky Maynard (SRT) has recently arrived in Padang, Sumatra: "ShelterBox teams all safely in Padang. We're unlikely to reach Mentawai Islands until Sunday with boxes due to weather conditions and boat availability but plenty of work to do getting boxes through customs and ready for loading for the 12 - 14 hour trip over."

wednesday, november 3: More than 400 people have now reportedly lost their lives in the tsunami, which struck the Mentawai Islands off Sumatra’s coast, with a further 88 listed as missing. On the island of Java, close to 70,000 people have been evacuated form their homes after Mount Merapi erupted for a third time.

SRT members Mike Greenslade (AU) and Jodie Hurt (UK) are currently based in Padang, Sumatra and are hoping to depart for the Mentawai Islands in the coming days.

Mike and Jodie will be joined by SRT members from across the globe with volunteers from the USA, France, Canada and the UK all being mobilized. Noel Currie (CA) and Tony Williams (UK) will join up with Mike and Jodie in Padang while Mark Smith (UK), Becky Maynard (UK), Becky Scarrott (UK) and Dan Dudzinski (US) will be assessing the area around Mt Merapi.

wednesday, october 27: A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) is heading to Indonesia after a deadly tsunami struck the county’s coast. The response team will be led by Mike Greenslade and will be working alongside ShelterBox’s Indonesian affiliate to assess the affected area.

The tsunami was triggered by a 7.7 magnitude earthquake that struck 20 kilometers beneath the ocean floor off the island of Sumatra.

Early reports indicate that more than 100 lives have been claimed by the Tsunami with further devestation caused to scores of coastal villages. It is believed that the massive wave swept up to 600 metres inland in some places.

The situation in Indonesia is turning into a double disaster as thousands of people are evacuated from the area surrounding the Mt Merapi volcano in central Java.  back