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Flooding and volcanic activity

friday, november 12:  Distribution of ShelterBoxes is ongoing in the region. Rose Mayers, the NEMO (National Emergency Management Office) representative in Fond St Jacques has been full of praise for the ShelterBox tent: 'After the first night in the tent the people came out smiling, saying, "I slept so well! I have a home again!" They looked visibly more comfortable, their body language and the way they carried themselves was much more relaxed.'

wednesday, november 10: 
Emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for up to 800 has been sent to the Caribbean island of St Lucia after Hurricane Tomas devastated the country.
ShelterBox Response Team member Tommy Tonkins traveled to the island on Friday, November 5 with the first 30 ShelterBoxes which were flown to St Lucia on an empty Virgin Atlantic passenger plane heading to the Caribbean to rescue stranded holiday-makers. Tommy worked to distributed boxes immediately. SRT members Tom Lay (UK), Dave Webber (UK) and Martin Strutton (UK) are now in St Lucia and will be coordinating the distribution of the boxes moving forward.

Below is a slideshow of images from this deployment: 


friday, november 5:
ShelterBox are currently responding to devastation caused by Hurricane Tomas. Flash floods and landslides have washed roads; houses and entire communities away after Hurricane Tomas tore through the region on Sunday, October 31 bringing with it the worst storm to hit the island in more than 20 years. More than 14 hours of torrential rain poured down on the island prompting treacherous landslides to occur.