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Flooding and volcanic activity

Friday, January 21: More than 1,200 ShelterBoxes have been distributed in Colombia since the start of December and today another 400 are flying to the country on a C-17 Globemaster aircraft provided by the UK’s Ministry of Defence at the request of the Colombian government.

The aid will be met by 20 humanitarian aid workers from SNPAD, Colombia’s committee for disaster response, who alongside ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) members will begin distributing the boxes to those who’ve been displaced by the floods.

Monday, January 10:
Watch the below video and here SRT member Laura Jepson (UK) talk from Barranca Veija:

Friday December, 31:
UN figures state 1.9 million people in 28 of Colombia’s 32 departments have been affected. As well as destroying 400,000 homes, the floods have also made access to the affected areas incredibly difficult. Roads and bridges have been washed away or blocked by mudslides and whole towns have been submerged beneath up to 9 metres of water.

The two SRT’s working within the country have had to make use of a variety of modes of transport to deliver aid including boats, canoes, motorcycles and 4-wheel drives in a bid to access some of the most isolated communities affected by the flooding.

In the south of the country, ShelterBox have now completed its distribution of aid around the town of Magangue and is assessing the need for further aid in neighbouring Sucre. Lifesaving equipment for hundreds of people in the Sincelejo area will be distributed in the next week.

Meanwhile distribution of ShelterBoxes began this week in the town of Barranca Veija, in Bolivar, the worst affected department where over 6,000 people have lost their homes. A total of 1,200 ShelterBoxes have been committed to Colombia.

Thursday December, 30: ShelterBox is continuing to distribute humanitarian aid within Colombia following the worst floods in the country’s history. SRT members Helen Gilchrist (UK), Tom Lay (UK) and Laura Jepson (UK) are working to distribute more than 300 ShelterBoxes within one of the worst affected regions, the municipality of Calamar.

The SRT are working alongside SNPAD (National Office for Disaster Prevention and Assistance) to deliver shelter, warmth and dignity to those families affected by the flooding.

monday, december 20: Heavy rain has continued in the region making the relief effort more difficult. ShelterBoxes are currently being deployed around Magangue. The Atlantico department to the north has now being affected too with the city of Barranquilla now completely cut off by rising flood water. 

thursday, december 16: Emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for up to 2,000 people are currently being distributed in flood-hit Colombia. It is estimated that so far the flooding has affected around 1.2 million people and left approximately 400,000 people homeless.

Another response team is heading to Colombia on Sunday, December 19 and will be leading the relief effort in Colombia throughout the Christmas period.

monday, december 13: Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, has praised ShelterBox for coming to the country’s aid following catastrophic floods that have left thousands of families in desperate need of aid.

The current ShelterBox Response Team working in the region met with the President and his Cabinet on Saturday, December 4. 200 ShelterBoxes and 200 ShelterBox stoves have now arrived in the country and the SRT is working on distributing these.

The images below are from ShelterBox's response to the Colombian floods:


thursday, december 2
: The Response Team have been working to distribute relief within Colombia and have been assisted in their efforts by SNPAD who are Colombia’s committee for disaster response as well as the Colombian Red Cross. 200 ShelterBoxes have been committed to the region where there is reported to be a very severe need for aid.

Wednesday, december 1
: A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) is now operational within Colombia and the team have completed their first assessment of the region.  SRT members Mark Smith (UK), Mark Dyer (US) and Andrew ‘Alf’ Evans (UK) arrived in Colombia on Friday to what is some of the worst flooding the country has ever seen. The team say there is a widespread need and ShelterBox will now be doing everything within its power to deliver emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies to families in need as quickly as possible. The team will base their operations in Mangangue in Colombia's north and have so far executed assessments of four of the country's districts.

wednesday, november 24:
ShelterBox are responding to severe flooding in Colombia. A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) is heading to Colombia where recent reports suggest that more than 200,000 homes have been destroyed in what many are calling the worst floods in thirty years. The rains are believed to have been caused by the La Nina weather phenomenon and have affected 27 of Colombia's 32 provinces including the nation's capital of Bogota.

As soon as the SRT arrives in country they will be working to identify the worst affected areas and to begin distribution of ShelterBoxes.