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Flooding and volcanic activity

Monday, January 24: The deployment to Panama has been successfully completed. SRT member Garry McCafferty is returning to the UK while Lindsey Cole will be forming part of the next Response Team heading to Colombia.

Friday, January 21:
SRT members Garry McCafferty (UK) and Lindsey Cole (UK) continued distribution, today to the village of Las Blancas. Garry said: "We received nothing but praise from the villagers who were pleased with their new homes."

The below map shows where the team distributed tents in Panama, click the map to enlarge:

Panama Floods

Thursday, January 20:
ShelterBoxes are delivered by boat to the villages of Los Mogotes and Penabijagual. SRT members Garry McCafferty (UK) and Lindsey Cole (UK) carried out tent demonstrations in each village showing the villagers how to best erect ShelterBox tents.

Monday, January 10:
200 ShelterBoxes have been committed to Panama and will be distributed to families in most need by ShelterBox Response Teams working in the country.

wednesday, january 5: 
ShelterBox is responding to heavy flooding in Panama. It is the first time ShelterBox has deployed to the country and comes following a triple bout of flooding in the far south east of the country, namely the Darien province.

On November 4, 2010 a low pressure system in the Caribbean interacted with Tropical storm Tomas to produce strong and continuous rains across Panama that have subsequently remained over the country. The rains have been so persistent that the Panama Canal had to be closed for meteorological reasons for the first time in its history.

The Panamanian Red Cross has reported that more than 24,000 people have been affected by the flooding. The floods have had terrible consequences for the remote region of the Darien province, which is one of the most remote regions in the whole of South America.

A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) has been deployed to the region and are working closely with the Rotary Club of Panama Nord-Este, the Red Cross and the police of Darien. The SRT has visited 7 affected communities within the Darien Province and have found 206 families in desperate need of shelter, including new born babies and 110 year old matriarchs. The SRT are working to distribute ShelterBoxes within the region.