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Flooding and volcanic activity

Saturday, January 22: 107 ShelterBoxes have been set up and are providing families who were sleeping under trees in São José do Vale do Rio Preto with the emergency shelter they so desperately need.

The below short video shows footage from a helicopter of the first tents set up:

Thursday, January 20:
400 ShelterBoxes have been committed to Brazil and a further 100 ShelterBoxes, stored in Brazil, are being carried by the Brazilian Air Force to the worst affected areas.

The below image shows damage caused by the landslides, click the image to enlarge:

Wednesday, January 19:
SRT member Laura Dale speaking from Brazil says: ‘"The need is massive but the problem is finding dry, safe land. The mudslides happened in the middle of the night and a six storey apartment block in Nova Friburgo was wiped away. Firefighters were first on the scene & many of them died in the rescue effort. Yesterday we saw the battered fire truck being pulled out of the remains of the mudslide."

"In Teresopolis they have set up a donation center & one man, Evandro Ferrosco, was helping at the center. He has lost 10 members of his family - all his grandchildren & children. He can't bear to think about his loss so he is keeping as busy as he can."

Monday, January 17: A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) and representatives from ShelterBox Brazil are in place to deliver aid to hundreds of families after torrential rains triggered floods and massive landslides in the country.

Conrado Orsatti, from ShelterBox Brazil, traveled to the affected area as soon as the disaster hit. He says the situation is dire and fears it could become worse.

"There are about 10,000 displaced people who cannot return to their homes because they’re buried," he said. "Brazil has never before seen a disaster of this proportion. The situation is chaotic, not only for the families who have lost their homes, but the number of dead is expected to exceed 1,500 people."

SRT members Mark Eccles (UK) and Laura Dale (UK) were working in Colombia delivering aid after flooding but have now arrived in Brazil to step up the relief effort and clear the logistical channels for aid to be delivered.

ShelterBox Head of Operations, John Leach, added: "It’s clear there’s a big need in Brazil and ever since the floods and mudslides hit we’ve been doing everything we can to help."

"ShelterBox Brazil were on the scene immediately, we now have a Response Team in country and more SRT members en route. The next step is ensuring the fast and effective distribution of aid to families in desperate need."