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Friday 06 February 2009

Egyptian & French Rotary members assist in shipping vital Humanitarian Aid...
Egyptian & French Rotary members assist in shipping vital Humanitarian Aid...

ShelterBox today confirms its continued presence in Gaza to provide emergency shelter to families who lost their homes in the recent conflict. Mark Pearson leading the ShelterBox Response Team reported from Gaza Occupied Palestinian Territories, Day 40, on the established need for boxes and the progress to date. “We have excellent contacts on the ground in Gaza with UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) PRCS (Palestinian Red Crescent Society) and ACTED (Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development) who have offered to act as consignee for the packed aid currently at ShelterBox HQ.”

Additionally ShelterBox has received support from Egyptian Rotary members who are now assisting with the deployment by helping to open channels through Egypt. One ACTED staff member working alongside ShelterBox said, “It’s made me so happy to know about ShelterBox's  efforts, believe me this is exactly what hundreds of homeless families are in dire need for, especially when you know that such families live and sleep in the open air next to their destructed houses. Such boxes which include tents, sleeping bags and toolkits will be the first to enter Gaza."

ShelterBox General Manager Lasse Petersen confirms that the aid shipment of vital disaster relief aid to Gaza is ready to be shipped and all paperwork is finalized. ShelterBox Response Team member and French Rotarian John Diksa, who is currently in Cairo, said, “Rotary clubs in Grenoble and Reims just launched a ShelterBox affiliate in France, so we are delighted that 30 of the first 200 boxes to be delivered to homeless families in Gaza are sponsored by French Rotarians.”

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