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Friday 05 August 2011

ShelterBox tents to be distributed in Kenya
ShelterBox tents to be distributed in Kenya Photograph by Ingrid Criddle

2,000 ShelterBox tents are en route to Dadaab, where they will be distributed by ShelterBox in partnership with UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) to families urgently requiring shelter.

ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) members Peter Pearce (AU) and Ingrid Criddle (UK), who carried out the needs assessment, have now returned from Kenya. They reported that there is a huge unmet need for emergency shelter and that UNHCR projections indicate a shortfall of shelter for tens of thousands of people.

Ingrid Criddle was based at the refugee camp in Dadaab, described as one of the largest refugee camps in the world, approximately 100 kilometers from the Kenya-Somalia border.

Listen below to hear Ingrid describe the situation and how ShelterBox is providing help. 

ShelterBox Response Team member Ingrid Criddle talks about her time in Kenya (mp3)

A second ShelterBox team arrived in Kenya today (August 5). Ben Spurway (UK), Joe Cannon (UK), Julia Schaper (DE) and Laura Dale (UK) will work with UNHCR to distribute the tents to families who have recently travelled from war torn Somalia in search of food and water.

SRT member, Ben Spurway, said: ‘The situation is very sensitive. We need to work closely with our humanitarian partners to ensure that families have somewhere safe and secure to sleep. We have a very strong team and we will do all we can in this time of need.’

ShelterBox is also responding to the effects of the drought in Ethiopia. Working with the Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association and Save the Children USA the ShelterBox team aim to provide emergency supplies for up to 1,600 families over the coming days and weeks.
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