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Wednesday 07 March 2012

ShelterBox Joins Rapid Disaster Response Network
ShelterBox Joins Rapid Disaster Response Network
Image from one of our Haiti deployments in May 2010

ShelterBox has joined a network of experts who can be called on by the UK Government in times of international crisis, such as famine, floods and earthquakes.
The new facility allows organizations with experience in disaster response to access funding within hours, thereby reaching affected people faster and saving more lives. It will mean the best organizations from across the UK can be mobilized in the critical first 72 hours following a disaster.
International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell said:
"Clearly we need our best experts, equipment and aid on the scene as quickly as possible after a disaster, not tied up in red tape. ShelterBox need to be able to do their job in that vital window of 72 hours, to save as many lives as possible. Only the professionals, with relevant skills and equipment will be approved.  By working with a small pool of specialists, we will end the dangerous crush of aid organizations which often pour into a disaster zone. These organizations represent the very best performing disaster response agencies. This will allow them to focus on delivery."

Image from a Kenya deployment in August 2011

John Leach ShelterBox Chief Operating Officer said:
"The Rapid Response Facility allows us to focus on what we do best – delivering emergency shelter and equipment to families in the shortest time possible. It will make a huge difference to the scale at which we can operate immediately after a large humanitarian crisis."
Public donations continue to be of vital importance to ShelterBox as the new Rapid Response Fund will only be activated in the event of a large scale crisis.
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