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Wednesday 07 March 2012

ShelterBox delivers aid after cyclones hit Madagascar
ShelterBox delivers aid after cyclones hit Madagascar
Photograph by NASA/GSFC, Rapid Response

A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) is delivering emergency shelter in Madagascar following the devastation caused by Cyclones Irina and Giovanna that hit the island recently, leaving an estimated quarter of a million homeless.
ShelterBox is working to distribute tents, mosquito nets and school equipment to families in need in the Brickaville region on the east coast of the island. SRT volunteer Angelo Spencer-Smith said, "There's a real need for aid here and it's rewarding to be moving families into shelter." Thousands of homes were destroyed after 118 mile per hour winds tore through the area and the team is working rapidly to provide aid to the most vulnerable.
The Response Team reported that they are facing challenges due to the conditions, but they are working in partnership with the National Bureau of Risk and Disaster Management to ensure the most vulnerable families are sheltered as quickly as possible.  Through this partnership the team are working with local village elders to identify the most needy in their communities. "There are some very special moments helping families who have lost everything to move into shelter," said Spencer-Smith.

Our response team in Madagascar: Des O’Connell (front row kneeling), Graham Henderson (center second row), Mark Van Alphen (right second row), Angelo Spencer-Smith (left back) and Madacascan authorities: Colonel Miha from BNGRC (front row kneeling in white shirt), Lieutenant Hdja from the Civil Response Corps (directly behind Des O’Connell with red patch on chest)

The initial shipments of aid will provide shelter for hundreds of families and more aid is currently being shipped, courtesy of Fedex, to continue addressing the need and to be pre-positioned in the country for when it may be needed in the future.
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