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Wednesday 21 March 2012

'Certificate of Thanks' for ShelterBox in Madagascar
'Certificate of Thanks' for ShelterBox in Madagascar Local scouts in Madagascar helping ShelterBox set up tents in the Brickaville District.

Local authorities in Madagascar have presented ShelterBox with a 'Certificate of Thanks' for delivering shelter, warmth and dignity to hundreds of families made homeless by the cyclones. 

"We thank you so much for your concern," said Mr Lahiniiana Fitiavana Ravelomahay, the Civil Administrator for the Brickaville District. "Our people are so grateful for your kind action to the victims of the recent disasters." 

Response Teams (SRT) have distributed a total of 600 tents, 1,000 mosquito nets and eight SchoolBoxes in the eastern region of Brickaville over the past six weeks, bringing the deployment to a close. 

SRT members Des O'Connell (UK), Graham Henderson (UK), Angelo Spencer-Smith (UK) and Mark Van Alphen (NL) training Madagascar's Civil Response Units and the BNGRC how to set up ShelterBox tents. 

One beneficiary, Helene Genevier, was living in her house with her husband and three children when Cyclone Giovanna struck on February 14: 

"As soon as we ran out of the house, the winds flattened it. We slept afraid under the stars for a while but now we have this beautiful tent and we feel safe again. We are now rebuilding our home. Thank you very much to everyone who made this happen."

ShelterBox has had logistical support from local scouts, Rotary and the country's National Bureau of Risk and Disaster Management (BNGRC), making collaboration key in the tent distribution. 

"We at Rotary Club Tamatave are very proud of the cooperation between the local scouts and the ShelterBox Response Teams (SRT) that have come from far abroad to join forces here for the sake of out Malgasy communities," said Tamatave's Rotary President Sam Riaz Fidaly. 

SRT member Mark Van Alphen (NL) and ShelterBox France Representative Gérard Studer with Tamatav'e Rotary President Sam Riaz Fidaly. 

The same local Rotary club has also raised sufficient funds for eight ShelterBoxes so far this year, which is a great achievement considering the average income in Madagascar is one Euro per day. 

SRT member Angelo Spencer-Smith, who was part of the final team on the deployment, said, "The work of ShelterBox plays such a vital role in helping people take the first step on their journey to recovery. I have seen first-hand how donations are so welcomed by the people in need."
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