ShelterBox Latest News ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity delivering boxes of aid, shelter, warmth and dignity to people affected by disasters, worldwide en-gb 22.12.2009 15:22:49 Copyright: (C) ShelterBox 2009 15 ShelterBox Latest News ShelterBox USA Announces New President Kerri Murray is a veteran nonprofit and corporate executive who has specialized in global health initiatives Monday 23 November 2015 US News Volunteer Ambassadors of the Month Tim + Melinda Osburn are recognized as ShelterBox's Ambassadors of the Month Friday 13 November 2015 US News ShelterBox is preparing to mobilize a response team to evaluate need on Lesbos "ShelterBox keeps the situation under daily review, and wherever we find an unmet need and a government willing to let us operate within their country, we will do all we can to respond." Tuesday 03 November 2015 US News ShelterBox on standby as a massive earthquake rocks Afghanistan and Pakistan, killing at least one hundred International disaster relief agency ShelterBox is monitoring the unfolding situation in north-eastern Afghanistan and Pakistan Monday 26 October 2015 US News International disaster relief charity ShelterBox monitors Typhoon Koppu in the Philippines, with aid and teams on standby to help displaced families if needed With recorded speeds of 150mph, Typhoon Koppu has brought damaging floods and killed eleven people Monday 19 October 2015 US News ShelterBox returns to the roots of the refugee trail with a deployment to Iraq Kurdistan on Syrian border ShelterBox back in the Syrian border territories of Iraq Kurdistan, where it helped establish refugee camps up to three years ago. Friday 02 October 2015 US News ShelterBox has team and aid standing by to respond to Chilean earthquake ShelterBox is geared up to respond to a powerful earthquake in Chile, South America Thursday 17 September 2015 US News Children of the long march – ‘Every day we move to a new place, meet new people. They are learning bad habits. Their days have no structure.’ Thursday 10 September 2015 US News "The current situation is unsustainable". Tensions, temperatures and numbers rise on Greek island as refugee crisis grows. Tuesday 08 September 2015 US News Crisis worsening on Greek island – over 3,000 people in a center built for 400, and inadequate sanitation, says ShelterBox team " The existing system quite simply does not have the capacity to manage the quantity of refugees arriving here." Tuesday 25 August 2015 US News Looking Back 10-Years: Hurricane Katrina The first time ShelterBox deployed to the United States Monday 24 August 2015 US News Greece migrant crisis: ‘People are visibly shocked by the situation in which they find themselves.’ ShelterBox providing tents for camps on Lesbos "We will make sure as many as possible get some respite in our tents." Thursday 20 August 2015 US News Turning up the heat on the greenhouse effect "One person in every seven has been forced to migrate" Monday 17 August 2015 US News Volunteer Ambassador of the Month Marlise Skinner is recognized as June's Ambassador of the Month Wednesday 12 August 2015 US News Volunteer Ambassador of the Month Parker Emerson is recognized as June's Ambassador of the Month Monday 15 June 2015 US News