ShelterBox Latest News ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity delivering boxes of aid, shelter, warmth and dignity to people affected by disasters, worldwide en-gb 22.12.2009 15:22:49 Copyright: (C) ShelterBox 2009 15 ShelterBox Latest News Volunteer Ambassador of the Month Parker Emerson is recognized as June's Ambassador of the Month Monday 15 June 2015 US News ShelterBox helped in the making of a Hollywood blockbuster San Andreas’ in cinemas as response teams face the reality of Nepal Tuesday 26 May 2015 US News "More often than not I have been awoken by villagers running out and screaming rather than by the tremor itself" An eyewitness account of what it feels like when you can’t trust the ground you stand on Tuesday 26 May 2015 US News "Trying to dig their lives out of the rubble" Tales from the shaken villages of Nepal as ShelterBox helps the people of Pipaldanda Monday 11 May 2015 US News Tents and shelter kits arrive, to begin their ascent to the mountains of Nepal "ShelterBox responded rapidly to this disaster, and had the practical advantage of having some aid already in the country" Thursday 07 May 2015 US News "Each village wondering if this helicopter might be for them, if it was their turn.’ - Nepal’s mountain communities look to the skies as ShelterBox helps fly in aid "The scale of need is enormous but incredibly logistically challenging." Tuesday 05 May 2015 US News "At times we wonder, where do you start?" ShelterBox team in the rural villages of Nepal "Two hours from Kathmandu and the destruction we have found – well ... It is just totally overwhelming." Monday 04 May 2015 US News Live update from Nepal via The Weather Channel ShelterBox Responder provides a live update from Nepal via The Weather Channel Saturday 02 May 2015 US News ShelterBox USA Interim Exec interviewed on The Weather Channel Talks about Nepal and worldwide disaster relief Saturday 02 May 2015 US News ShelterBox team in Kathmandu ahead of ‘what will be a major operation’ ShelterBox team in Kathmandu is meeting with the Nepal Government and colleague aid agencies ahead of ‘what will be a major operation’ Wednesday 29 April 2015 US News ShelterBox arrives in Nepal following earthquake Aid assessment begins in Nepal's worst disaster in 80 years Monday 27 April 2015 US News ShelterBox Hall of Fame Larry Palant is new addition to the ShelterBox Hall of Fame Monday 13 April 2015 US News Celebrating National Volunteer Week, April 12-18 Thanks to our generous volunteers! Monday 13 April 2015 US News "Bursting into tears on seeing total deforestation" – First reactions as ShelterBox response team arrives in Vanuatu Disaster relief charity ShelterBox now has its first team in Vanuatu as civilian flights begin arriving. With aid en route, Ross Mackenzie and Peter Pearce are discussing arrangements with distribution partners. But their initial reaction to Cyclone Pam’s aftermath is one of shock. Friday 20 March 2015 US News Quarter of a million could be homeless across Vanuatu after "monster" cyclone – ShelterBox mobilising 1,000 kits to help rebuild ShelterBox is mobilizing aid and a response team as the Pacific paradise of Vanuatu counts the awful cost of Cyclone Pam Thursday 19 March 2015 US News