ShelterBox Latest News ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity delivering boxes of aid, shelter, warmth and dignity to people affected by disasters, worldwide en-gb 22.12.2009 15:22:49 Copyright: (C) ShelterBox 2009 15 ShelterBox Latest News At last, Aleppo’s children receiving ShelterBox aid Thursday 22 December 2016 US News As the city falls, thoughts of an Aleppo childhood Tuesday 13 December 2016 US News Fleeing from war-torn Mosul across the border into Syria Which way to run from war-torn Mosul? How desperate do you have to be to flee across the border into Syria? Friday 09 December 2016 US News Aleppo residents have ‘no food, no water, and no hope’ ShelterBox aid partner - ‘How could the world stand by as our people are killed?’ Friday 02 December 2016 US News ‘We cannot fail these families.’ Emmy and Golden Globe winning actor Damian Lewis supports ShelterBox’s preparations for Mosul Tuesday 29 November 2016 US News ShelterBox Response Team applications now open ShelterBox Response Team applications opened Dec 1, 2016 Monday 28 November 2016 US News Volunteer Ambassador of the Month Yi Shun Lai is honored as ShelterBox Volunteer of the Month Monday 14 November 2016 US News Hurricane Matthew - One month later Over 1,600 deaths, delivery of thousands of shelterkits, and one woman’s inspiring story Thursday 10 November 2016 US News ShelterBox USA launches HERO program Program will further collaboration with Rotary Clubs across the US Tuesday 01 November 2016 US News ShelterBox emergency aid arrives in Erbil, Iraq ahead of anticipated exodus from Mosul ‘Good coordination will be key to the success of the humanitarian effort’ Friday 21 October 2016 US News ShelterBox poised to help people displaced from Mosul ShelterBox and partners prepare for long-planned military assault on Mosul city in Iraq Monday 17 October 2016 US News Les Stroud (Survivorman) to join ShelterBox in Ecuador Les Stroud (aka Survivorman) will be part of a ShelterBox Response Team returning to Ecuador Friday 14 October 2016 US News ‘Haitians to help Haitians’ priority as ShelterBox plans aid to help ShelterBox finds a new ‘self help’ ethos as it makes its partnership aid plans. Monday 03 October 2016 US News Weatherproofing unfinished buildings in Northern Iraq ShelterBox and ACTED have transformed unfinished buildings into habitable houses for Iraq’s families on the run from Islamic State Friday 30 September 2016 US News Most powerful typhoon since Haiyan wreaks havoc across Taiwan and coastal China Super-Typhoon Meranti is the most powerful storm to make landfall in SE Asia since Haiyan in 2013, and the strongest so far anywhere in the world this year Thursday 15 September 2016 US News