ShelterBox Latest News ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity delivering boxes of aid, shelter, warmth and dignity to people affected by disasters, worldwide en-gb 22.12.2009 15:22:49 Copyright: (C) ShelterBox 2009 15 ShelterBox Latest News Assault on Mosul, Iraq reaches a tipping point ShelterBox stands ready to assist Monday 19 June 2017 US News Judi Dench endorses the work of ShelterBox Thursday 15 June 2017 US News Millions at Risk of Famine ShelterBox responds in Somaliland Thursday 01 June 2017 US News ShelterBox and Climate Change A comment on President Trump’s decision to withdraw America from the Paris Agreement Thursday 01 June 2017 US News ShelterBox Responding to Emergency in Sri Lanka Thousands displaced by the worst flooding and mudslides since 2003 Wednesday 31 May 2017 US News Drone Attack on Syria Tent Camp One hundred tents were burned from the explosion Tuesday 09 May 2017 US News ShelterBox shelters families after the Syria chemical incident ShelterBox partners in Khan Sheikhoun fear more attacks, and for the safety of their team Friday 14 April 2017 US News ShelterBox to assess shelter needs after Colombia landslides With aid in-country and a team in neighboring Peru Monday 03 April 2017 US News Good Earth Home and Garden Show does good for disaster relief Bringing in more than $80,000 in donations over four years Friday 10 February 2017 US News A Project Partnership in True Form — Rotary and ShelterBox Respond in Sri Lanka If ever there was a shining example of the Rotary International and ShelterBox Project Partnership, this is it Tuesday 07 February 2017 US News 2016 Year In Review An overview of ShelterBox's impact in 2016 Friday 27 January 2017 US News At last, Aleppo’s children receiving ShelterBox aid Thursday 22 December 2016 US News As the city falls, thoughts of an Aleppo childhood Tuesday 13 December 2016 US News Fleeing from war-torn Mosul across the border into Syria Which way to run from war-torn Mosul? How desperate do you have to be to flee across the border into Syria? Friday 09 December 2016 US News Aleppo residents have ‘no food, no water, and no hope’ ShelterBox aid partner - ‘How could the world stand by as our people are killed?’ Friday 02 December 2016 US News