2 Million Reasons to Thank You

by Stephanie Christensen May 12, 2021

ShelterBox has reached an amazing mark, and it’s all because of you!

Thanks to you, 2 million people have received ShelterBox aid. You’ve helped 2 million families recover after disaster or conflict. Families whose lives were destroyed. Families have shelters, tools, and household items to help return to normal. Whatever the disaster, whatever the need, you have been there for 2 million people!

ShelterBox has responded to disaster or conflict in 98 different countries around the world! Your support made that possible.

Where have we responded to the most? And who have you helped the most?

Most Responses: Philippines

The Philippines is the country ShelterBox has responded to the most over the years.
The Philippines is one of the most disaster-hit countries in the world. They often see tropical storms/typhoons, earthquakes, flooding, and even volcanic eruptions. On average, ShelterBox responds to disasters in the Philippines twice a year. That number is increasing due to the development of ShelterBox Operations Philippines (SBOP). The in-country office is dedicated to supporting families in the Philippines after disaster. (You can read more about SBOP here)

Thanks to your support, ShelterBox can innovate, adapt, and grow!

Longest Response: Syrian Region

Conflict has been ongoing in Syria for over a decade. The situation is complex. But thanks to your generosity, families fleeing violence have received aid. ShelterBox has been working in the Syrian region for 10 years helping families flee violence. This is ShelterBox’s longest response by far. And it is only possible thanks to your continued support.

Since 2012, ShelterBox has supported around 400,000 people in the Syrian region. Countries supported include Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon. Thank you for making this possible!


In 2010 a 7.0 earthquake devastated the country of Haiti. 250,000 lives were lost, and 5 million homes were destroyed. It is one of the 10 deadliest disasters, and the second deadliest earthquake in history. ShelterBox responded to this disaster by supporting 140,000 people.

This was the largest single response in ShelterBox history. Yet, the families supported in Haiti only make up 8% of the total number of families.

Your support ensures that no matter how big or small a disaster, ShelterBox is standing by ready to help.

Thank You

Thanks to your continued support, ShelterBox has grown over the years. We offer a wider range of aid than when we started and have built a global network of partners.

Thank you to our caring and compassionate supporters who have helped us reach this amazing milestone. It took us 15.5 years to reach 1 million families, and in only 5.5 years we’ve been able to double that number.

The need for emergency shelter continues to grow every year. Stronger storms destroy more homes. Flooding and drought devastate livelihoods. And conflict continues to drive people from their homes. But thanks to you, 2 million people have a place to call home. And we can’t wait to help another 2 million people with you by our sides.

Thank you for everything you do to ensure no one is without shelter after disaster.

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