Temperatures are dropping, supplies are dwindling.

Will you help people devastated by disaster survive the holiday season?

Emergency Disaster Relief

Right now, more than 113 million people around the world have been made homeless by disaster and conflict. We’re working to change this.

By providing emergency shelter and tools for families robbed of their homes by disaster, we’re transforming despair into hope.

Where We Are Working

How We Help

Essential tools, shelter and materials

A look at the ShelterBox aid and equipment delivered to vulnerable families following a natural disaster or conflict.

We reach the most remote communities

ShelterBox goes to the ends of the earth to deliver aid to families in the most remote communities that have been devastated by disaster.

How we transform lives

Shelter is more than just a roof – it’s a home. The impact of ShelterBox provides the foundation for life, for families, for communities.


Our teams work with disaster-hit families around the world. See where we’re working right now.


The world is witnessing a vast humanitarian crisis unfold. 

As military activities escalate in Ukraine, millions of people are on the move, desperately trying to flee to safety. Innocent civilians are being killed, families and lives are being torn apart.

ShelterBox is responding. Discover more about how we are helping, and how you can support our work around the world.

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About Us

ShelterBox is a team of people who believe in shelter as a human right – that shelter from the chaos of disaster and conflict is vital. We provide the tools that enable people to rebuild homes and transform their lives.

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20 years of disaster relief in 97 different countries, supporting families to get back on their feet after hurricanes, earthquakes, conflicts, droughts, cyclones and more.

Our Coronavirus Response

As coronavirus spreads, shelter saves lives

Discover how we are working to help people protect themselves in dangerously crowded camps and disaster zones.

How You Can Help

Planned Giving: Leave a Gift in Your Will

Planned giving to ShelterBox means leaving a legacy of providing emergency aid to families who thought they’d been forgotten.

What does it cost to help a family in need?

Help ShelterBox be ready with lifesaving shelter and supplies when disaster strikes by donating a ShelterBox of critical aid items to help a family who has lost everything.

Make a Difference Every. Single. Month.

Disasters and conflicts are unpredictable, that’s why your commitment to a monthly gift is critical to the mission of ShelterBox. Help us optimize and expand operations so when disaster strikes, we are positioned to reach the most vulnerable.

Make an Impact as a ShelterBox Volunteer

Whatever skills, knowledge or time you have to volunteer, you can play a vital part in this process. All we need is your passion.

Explore the countries we work in, and the people who live there

Join a unique community of over 2,000 members. With every book you read you’ll be helping disaster-hit families around the world.

Support the Work

Your donation will change the lives of people in need by providing emergency shelter and essential equipment. Whether you choose to make a recurring monthly payment or a one-time donation, you will have a direct impact on the lives of people all around the world.

2021 Annual Report

Read our latest annual report to learn more about the incredible work your support has enabled over the past year.

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Featuring the latest news from the field, stories of families who we’ve helped and exciting fundraising campaigns that you can be a part of.