Get ready to put the pedal to the metal! Start your challenge by following some of our tips below.

Set a goal:

Choose a specific quantifiable goal. Choose a distance that you will ride and aim to raise a set amount of money per mile, or choose a day streak goal and raise funds for the number of consecutive days that you bike. Set a goal to ride 300 miles, raising a dollar per mile or the equivalent of providing a family with a ShelterBox tent after a disaster!

Set a route:

Choose a route to bike, you can use apps such as Footpath to map out the exact distance or time that you’ve decided to commit to your ride. This helps to ensure that you can reach your goal! Many states and counties have bike trail maps available online, check out some of the great routes they suggest.

Set up a fundraising page:

Create your own fundraising page to share with your supporters. It’s yours to personalize with photos, messages and updates. This is also where all of your supporters can pledge towards your goal!

Set up a team:

We are all stronger together. If you’re part of a biking group, get the whole group involved and work together to reach a goal. Not part of a group yet? Find yourself a partner who can help to keep you challenged! Go even one step further, share your goal and challenge 5 of your friends using our social media challenge template here: Graphic or Animated. Don’t forget to tag us @ShelterBoxUSA!

Set your tracker:

Don’t forget to set an activity tracker when you go on your ride! This way it is easy to keep track of every mile or minute that you bike. It’s also a great motivator to post on your fundraising page! Your supporters will be able to follow along with every ride you take showing your amazing dedication to families in need of shelter around the world

Mark's Ride

Mark on the road in full biker gear

Although not on your conventional “bicycle”, Mark made a commitment to ride across the US in support of ShelterBox. The 2020 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge will be a test of endurance, patience, and skill. It starts in Panama City Beach, Florida on Sunday, August 9th, 2020, taking riders on a 10,000 mile journey through the lower 48 US states, in as little as 10 days. Mark set his $10 000 fundraising goal to match the number of miles he plans to go. With a ShelterBox strapped to his Harley, Mark is ready to set off in August.

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