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Every volunteer is instrumental in providing shelter to families after disaster, wherever they are in the world.  Whatever skills, knowledge or spare time you have, you can play a vital part in this process.

As our volunteers work with diverse groups from all over the world, a background screening may be required for some volunteer roles.




It’s an incredible feeling to be able reach out and help people on the other side of the world in what is quite possibly the worst moment of their lives. That’s why I support ShelterBox.

Pam Furnish, ShelterBox volunteer

What Role Works For You ?


Sharing ShelterBox through presentations and events.


Share ShelterBox news and needs online through social media.


Fundraise for ShelterBox while doing what you love.

ShelterBox Response Team

Learn more about the team of volunteers who hand deliver our aid.

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At ShelterBox, we are proud to have safeguarding policies in place designed to protect the families we help, our operational staff and our incredible response team volunteers who travel to disaster areas with us, and the local communities we work with.

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We appreciate your interest in volunteering with ShelterBox USA. We will be in touch with you shortly!