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After a disaster, shelter is more than just a roof – it’s a home


The Impact of ShelterBox

Shelter is more than just a roof – it’s a home. It’s the foundation for life, for families, for communities.

When disasters and conflicts displace people from their homes, we can’t wave a magic wand to replace what was lost, but we can have positive impact. We can provide people with the tools to start the process of their own recovery.

Your support provides shelter that protects families from burning heat, bitter cold, dangerous animals and disease, and so much more.

A shelter creates a space where families can have privacy from the rest of the world, where they can feel safety and security in being together.

When people are plunged into crisis, normality is suspended. But good, quality shelter can cut through the chaos. It doesn’t just give people space to heal from physical and emotional trauma, but it gives them roots, roots that go far deeper than a simple tent peg.

Your support is amazing. Your support turns simple items like tents and tarps into the tools that transform lives.

A new home in Ecuador 2016

Since ShelterBox began in 2000, your support has helped us provide shelter for more than 1 million people. A million people who not only have protection from the elements, but a place to call home.

Alf Evans, ShelterBox Operations Manager

Why Support ShelterBox?

With over 20 years of experience, we are experts in emergency shelter after disaster. We often work in places that others don’t, making sure that we reach families who need support to take the next step in resuming their livelihoods.

From Cameroon to Syria, all the way to the Philippines and the Caribbean, we have provided shelter to over 1.5 million people so far. And in these uncertain times, your support is more valuable than ever.

Despite the challenges, we are working nonstop as part of the global effort to slow the spread of coronavirus. Thanks to your incredible support and the help of our partners worldwide, we provided shelter to 200,000 people in 2020.

We won’t stop until we see a world where no family goes without shelter after disaster. Will you help us?

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Moh's Story

ShelterBox is providing emergency shelter and other essential aid items for the more than 1.9 million people, like Moh, left with nowhere to live. Please donate today.

Shamsa's Story

Shamsa’s journey began six years ago, fleeing airstrikes in Syria, seeking safety that seemed increasingly elusive. With ShelterBox’s support, she received shelter aid and tools for rebuilding.

Halyna's Story

Halyna navigated through immense challenges, particularly amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Apsatu's Story

Learn how a mother of seven, displaced multiple times by violent attacks found hope and strength in the Minawao refugee camp.

Nurgül's Story

Discover how the Turkey earthquakes changed Nurgül’s life and how ShelterBox provided her with a sense of security and belonging.

Nurta's Story

Learn about Nurta and how ShelterBox empowered her to restart, rebuild, and recover her family after facing drought and famine in Somalia.

Maryuri's Story

Read how Maryuri from Honduras managed to rebuild after Hurricanes Eta and Iota

Marcel's Story

Read how Marcel’s life was interrupted by the Haiti earthquake and how ShelterBox supported him.

Enoch and Mary's Story

When Enoch and Mary lost their home and belongings from flooding in Malawi, ShelterBox provided the essentials needed to rebuild.

Mercedes and Valentin’s story

When Mercedes and Valentin lost their home to a typhoon in the Philippines, ShelterBox provided locally sourced materials that allowed them to rebuild.

The Moammar family’s story

When Mohammad lost his home and most of his family from a missile strike in Gaza, ShelterBox provided equipment to help transform his life.

Hamda's Story

Hamda is just one of the millions of people pushed from their homes. She has been displaced for 5 years now.

Fatima's Story

Seven-year-old Fatima’s family has been displaced many times because of the violence in Syria. She now lives in a camp with her mother Samira and her great-grandmother.

Esther's Story

Esther saw her family getting slaughtered by Boko Haram. She escaped, settling in Minawao camp and becoming a seamstress.


Before Hurricane Maria flattened her home, she lived in a wooden two-bed house, which was her grandmother’s, with her five children and one grandchild.


When heavy rains and flooding destroyed homes in Malawi, ShelterBox was there, delivering ShelterKits and solar lights to families affected by the storm.

Stella, a mother of five, and her mother Gift received this aid to help them recover and protect their families. But for Gift, many of these items were stolen.

Falmata's Story

When her whole village was being evacuated in fear of a Boko Haram attack, Falmata was working in the farmland and missed the evacuation. See how they managed to rebuild.

Lily and Jeralin's Story

Lily was physically swept away by powerful floods. This is her incredible story of recovery.

Nelcie's Story

Nelcie, a pregnant mother of three, lives in the Eastern Samar region of the Philippines – a country that’s notorious for the many disasters it suffers every year.

John's Story

In April 2020, Cyclone Harold made landfall in Vanuatu as a Category 5 cyclone, bringing devastation to communities in the north. Harold destroyed thousands of houses, damaged food crops, and caused widespread power outages.

A Home in Pieces: Sagarika's Story

Imagine living in a country where extreme weather has crushed the infrastructure of your community. A disaster that you didn’t contribute to and that arrived without warning destroys your home and livelihood.

Fatnizar's Story

Fatnizar and her family received vital aid after an earthquake and tsunami flattened their home. Fatnizar was able to resume her work as a seamstress soon after ShelterBox arrived.

Simon's Story

When we met 81-year-old Simon, he had lived in Wesley in northeast Dominica for more than 60 years. He built his home himself and lives alone, as his four children are grown-up and have moved overseas.

Yolanda Enriquez's story

After the horror of the huayco, a flood of mud and rock that thundered down the mountains, the people of Peru have come together over food to help rebuild their communities.

Shelter-in-Shelter Solution deployed after Hurricane Harvey


Diane and Yokimi's Story

Baby Yokimi was just three months old when Cyclone Winston hit Fiji

Surya Maya Danwar's Story

When the devastating earthquake hit Nepal, Surya was almost buried alive. Read her amazing story of survival and recovery.

Ismail Mustafa’s story

When monsoon floodwaters covered vast swathes of the Malaysian peninsula, it forced Ismail Mustafa, his elderly wife and their seven-year old grandson to run for higher ground.

Grace's Story

Grace, 41, is a widow with six children from a village in Malawi called Chabuka, where 487 families were affected by the floods. Her entire house and everything she owned was washed away when the fast-flowing water swamped her village.

Ricardo's Story

The small temporary shelter that Ricardo and his wife are living in is made entirely of recycled materials from his old house and the surrounding area. The ShelterKit tarpaulins are a fundamental part of this structure.

Abdou's Story

Abdou fled his home to protect his family. The mosquito nets, kitchen set and solar lights we provided helped the family feel safe again.


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ShelterBox is made up of people who believe in shelter as a human right – that shelter from the chaos of disaster and conflict is vital. We provide the tools that enable people to rebuild homes and transform their lives.

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Every minute, more families lose everything in the chaos of conflict. Their homes, their livelihoods, and even family members are brutally snatched away. Take a look at how we’re helping to build peace, one family at a time here.

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