Leave a gift in your will

A lasting way to support families who have lost everything

Rebuild communities and lives

Imagine a ShelterBox being loaded onto a truck, being driven hundreds of miles, crossing border after border, and being taken straight to the heart of the latest disaster.

Imagine a family who thought they’d been totally forgotten, receiving this green box containing the materials they need to rebuild their lives.

Imagine that your legacy is what put it there, and will continue to do so for years to come.

Putting families first

Family comes first when it comes to writing a will. Remember ShelterBox in your will and you’ll be hastening the day that no family goes without shelter after natural disasters and conflict.

Your support enables us to build up supplies to prepare for catastrophes, whatever the scale.

Your gift will position aid in strategic locations across the world to ensure that we are always ready to respond.

Help the next generation


Your legacy will help us to recruit and train ShelterBox volunteers who go the extra mile to help our hand-packed aid reach the people who need it most.

However it’s used, your legacy gift will help ShelterBox build toward a future where no family is left without shelter.

Making a difference

Ritta and Dorica are old friends and neighbours. But when floods swept through their village in Chikwawa, Malawi, the surging waters devoured their homes, along with all their possessions.

‘When the flood came, everything we had was destroyed,’ said Ritta. ‘Our houses fell down. Everything we had was washed away.’

Yet they are both happy. They were two of the thousands of people who received ShelterBox aid after the floods. Ritta said: ‘Because of ShelterBox, we are living a good life. We are very happy.’

While they look for a way to rebuild their homes, their tents not only provide a roof over their heads, but a place to call home.

Leaving a legacy in your will

Gift and estate planning is a simple and flexible way to meet your philanthropic and financial goals.

In fact, a planned gift can help you give more to the ongoing work of ShelterBox than you may have thought possible—while still providing you with favorable financial and/or tax benefits.

Family in Haiti

A planned gift can allow you to invest in the ShelterBox mission, providing disaster relief for families all over the world for generations to come. A planned gift can be your legacy, providing continued support long after your lifetime.

Making a planned gift can be as easy as working with your attorney to establish a bequest to ShelterBox USA in your will, or by designating ShelterBox USA as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy or retirement accounts.


Here are some of the options available:

Bequests • Publicly Traded Securities • Retirement Plan Beneficiary Designations • Life Insurance Beneficiary Designations

There are many creative giving strategies that can enhance your well-being while at the same time providing financial support for an organization you care deeply about.

We encourage you to speak with your financial planner to identify the strategy that is right for you.

Ready to talk? Contact our fundraising team for more information: Sarah Robinson at [email protected]

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