Your events have the power to do more

Millions of families are currently without shelter because of natural disaster and conflict. You can help change this.

Whether you’re into running a marathon, throwing a party, or climbing a mountain – you can transform an event with your friends and family into vital support for ShelterBox.

Turn your hobby or bucket list event into something greater.

Car rallies, cake bakes, obstacle courses, festival teams, sponsored silences, or being a champion of ShelterBox on social media – the possibilities are endless. When you raise awareness for ShelterBox, you’re helping us go to the ends of the world to reach the communities most in need.

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Create an online page which allows you to do your own ShelterBox fundraising. Tell your story, set a goal and deliver a campaign via email or social media.

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Get Inspired

Tim and Sharon Bridgman start their journey in Norway
Tim and Sharon in Nordkapp, Norway (2012)

The Bridgman Story

On June 4, 2012 Sharon and Tim Bridgman set off from the North Cape of Norway to cycle unsupported and self-funded around the world.

The husband and wife team from England were riding to raise awareness and support of ShelterBox, hoping to raise roughly $18,000 for their favorite nonprofit.


Read their story of hope, loss, courage, and fortitude

SB Hope Strength Olly Burn 09a

Hope + Strength

The Hope + Strength project aims to give the families we meet after disaster a voice that is a little different to the usual portrayal in the media. We are inspired every day by the ability of the families we meet to carry on, to look to the future and have hope for themselves and their children.

Leading photographers have helped us to pay tribute to the incredible hope and strength of the people we meet.

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Photo Gallery

ShelterBox - Do Your Own Thing - Ribfest

ShelterBox - Do Your Own Thing - Biking through Montana

ShelterBox - Do Your Own Thing - Challenge

ShelterBox - Do Your Own Thing - Collection box


ShelterBox - Do Your Own Thing - High School

ShelterBox - Do Your Own Thing - Huron Peak


ShelterBox - Do Your Own Thing - Machu Picchu

ShelterBox - Do Your Own Thing - Marathon

ShelterBox - Do Your Own Thing - Music Festival

ShelterBox - Do Your Own Thing - Paddle race

ShelterBox - Do Your Own Thing - Rappelling

ShelterBox - Do Your Own Thing - Run

ShelterBox - Do Your Own Thing - Scouts

ShelterBox on a mountain

ShelterBox - Do Your Own Thing - solo sailing for ShelterBox

ShelterBox - Do Your Own Thing - Endurance race

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