In the latter half of 2020, Sudan was affected by the worst flooding in decades.

Heavy rains started at the end of July and intensified during August and September, causing deaths, displacement, and massive destruction to key infrastructure and livelihoods across the country. ShelterBox partnered with the United Peace Organization (UPO) to identify an area that would benefit most from intervention.

Thanks to your ongoing support, 1,000 families in Sudan received ShelterBox aid.

Who Was Helped?

In-country partner United Peace Organization (UPO) conducted surveys following aid distributions to find out who your support helped in Sudan.

1,000 families received shelter aid. In total, that meant 5,560 people received support after the flooding.

Of the people supported, 51.75% of their homes had been completely destroyed, while 49.15% of their homes had been partially destroyed.

Distributing the tarpaulins and blankets

How was the Aid used?

A variety of supplies were given out including wash basins

Families in Sudan received tarpaulin as well as other aid items. They used the tarpaulin to reinforce or expand their home, either by fixing the roof or by creating a covered outdoor space that they could enjoy.

96.4% of people said that their shelter needs were met.

92% of people said they had used their tarpaulin.

97.8% of people said their tarp provides protection from the weather.

73% of people said that their shelter was less crowded since using the tarpaulin.

How this improved living conditions

Masks are still encouraged as vaccines are not widely available here

Shelter aid is about more than just surviving a flood. It’s also about recovery. It’s about rebuilding a family’s life and returning to normal.

Of the people surveyed, 97.6% said the items have made conducting activities easier. Families were able to restart their lives and do things like cooking together as a family. This provides a sense of normalcy once again.

95.2% of people said they now have more privacy, which helps families recover more peacefully as a family unit.

91% of people said they could now collect more water. This proved essential as Sudan was experiencing its dry season at the time, and collecting water was vital for families.

66.4% of people said they received training for COVID-19 mitigation measures, which helped protect families from the spread of the virus. Families supported with this training learned when to wear a mask, when to wash their hands, and when to stay distant from other people.

Thank You!

This is your support in action! Thanks to you, families in Sudan have been able to recover and use the aid items to repair their homes. This has enabled families to get back to normal and even begin their livelihoods again.

Thank you for supporting ShelterBox and for ensuring families around the world are able to rebuild their lives.


Shelter is more than just a roof – it’s a home. The impact of ShelterBox provides the foundation for life, for families, for communities.

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