Judi Dench endorses ShelterBox

June 15, 2017

I support ShelterBox and the crucial work they do. Shelter and togetherness are stepping stones to recovery.


On the UN’s World Refugee Day (June 20) one of the world’s most famous Oscar-winners has given her backing to a global agency that has helped hundreds of thousands of displaced people.

Dame Judi Dench actor's head shot

Judi Dench has generously endorsed the work of ShelterBox, saying that in a world on the run from disaster, ‘ShelterBox brings hope.’

Judi Dench is celebrated from Hollywood to Broadway to the West End. She has followed the work of disaster relief agency ShelterBox for several years. World Refugee Day, held every year on June 20, is when the United Nations commemorates the strength, courage and perseverance of millions of refugees.

ShelterBox is an international charity that provides emergency shelter to families who have lost their homes through conflict and disaster.

The charity is currently responding to refugee crises in Cameroon, Niger, Chad, Syria and Iraq. A team will also shortly be heading to Uganda, which has the world’s largest refugee camp at Bidi Bidi, home to 800,000 people, many fleeing war in South Sudan.

ShelterBox works hard to understand the need created by differing emergency situations, and has created a flexible range of aid that includes tools, tents and tarpaulins for families to make urgent shelter or repair buildings where there is no other possible provision. The aid can be used to create a temporary base in communities or refugee camps, but it is also light and portable for people moving from one place to the next.

Judi has supported ShelterBox in the past. Now, with World Refugee day being promoted by the United Nations, she has again expressed her support.

Judi Dench says, ‘When disaster strikes and families are left with nothing, ShelterBox brings hope. Responding to each situation individually, ShelterBox gives tailor made support – a place to live, equipment to cook with and to purify water, mosquito nets in the summer, scarves and blankets in the winter and SchoolBoxes to provide young people with the stability of the classroom.’

‘Right now, there are 85 million people worldwide on the move, forced to flee their towns and villages by conflict, or disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, flooding and cyclones.  Hardworking volunteers in the ShelterBox warehouse pack the boxes, which are then delivered to some of the most remote and dangerous places on earth by our dedicated ShelterBox Response Teams.’


I support ShelterBox and the crucial work they do all over the world helping families who have lost everything.

Shelter and togetherness are stepping stones to recovery. If you are able, please give what you can.

~ Judi Dench


An Oscar winner for the 1998 movie Shakespeare in Love, Judi Dench is the world’s most applauded and awarded actor ever across the six biggest American and British ceremonies, winning eighteen stage and screen awards out of 52 nominations.