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SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — Global disaster relief organization ShelterBox USA announced today that it is responding to the quickly unfolding humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, deploying a team to Eastern Europe.  

“ShelterBox is deploying a response team to the region to begin assessing the humanitarian needs related to the displacement crisis in Ukraine, including the emergency shelter needs for refugees,” said ShelterBox USA President Kerri Murray. “The team from ShelterBox includes highly-trained security, safety, and logistics personnel, who will coordinate with other humanitarian agencies to understand the gaps in emergency shelter and what are the household aid items that will be needed over the weeks and months to come.” 

As many as 12 million people may need humanitarian assistance, according to the United Nations, with 6.7 million projected to be internally displaced and up to 4 million refugees fleeing the country. 

ShelterBox is deploying a response team to the region to begin assessing the humanitarian needs related to the displacement crisis in Ukraine.”

-Kerri Murray, ShelterBox USA President

More than 660,000 people have reportedly fled Ukraine in freezing temperatures into neighboring countries so far. The situation in Ukraine is rapidly changing, and ShelterBox is committed to supporting Ukrainian families affected by the crisis. 

“ShelterBox routinely responds to conflict related displacement, providing families with a range of items, including emergency tents and tarpaulins, heavy blankets, sleeping mats, water filters, solar lights, kitchen sets, tools, and more,” Murray said. “We customize our humanitarian aid packages to meet the unique needs of the displacement. We are working to understand where and how we can make the biggest difference in this rapidly-evolving crisis.” 

ShelterBox is coordinating with local authorities, Rotary International, and other aid organizations. 

ShelterBox has worked in Ukraine previously. It carried out emergency responses to floods in 2003 and 2008. ShelterBox also conducted assessments in 2014 following the conflict in the Donbas region. 

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Starting in March, ShelterBox will be deploying emergency aid to Yemen, home of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.


ShelterBox is launching a global campaign in which volunteers take on adventures to raise awareness and funding.

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