Children are disproportionately affected in conflict situations. Your support can provide the protection, stability, and hope shelter brings.

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Moh’s remarkable yet heart-wrenching journey—a story that epitomizes the transformative power of shelter assistance. Growing up in Gaza, Moh experienced the trauma of losing his home multiple times due to war. Forced to flee during heavy bombing in 2014, his family found refuge in a school-turned-shelter where they received a ShelterBox tent. In this makeshift home, they found some sense of normalcy amidst chaos. However, many families in Gaza today lack even this basic form of shelter, exposing them to further danger and uncertainty amidst recent escalations of violence.

As Moh reflects on his own experience, he is deeply saddened by the thought of so many families, including his own relatives, enduring the same hardships he once faced. Uncertain about his family’s future, Moh emphasizes the necessity of providing shelter to those in need.

No individual should be deprived of their fundamental human right. Shelter is imperative during emergencies.


Moh  was awarded the Rotary Peace Fellowship and moved to the USA in 2017. Henow lives in Evanston, Illinois, where he serves as a program officer supporting the Peace Centers program and Peace Fellows. He’s also a member of ELRC and the Evanston Lighthouse Rotary Club.

Today, Moh stands as a testament to the profound impact of your support. From an internally displaced child to a scholar to a young man devoting his profession to the advancement of peace at Rotary International, Moh’s journey embodies the transformative potential of shelter assistance. His story serves as a poignant reminder of how a helping hand in times of vulnerability can alter the course of one’s life forever.

As conflict once again grips Gaza, displacing 1.9 million people, children are the ones who suffer the most. With your support, we can provide emergency shelter to families in need, offering a lifeline to children displaced by conflict. Your donation will provide tents, mattresses, blankets, and other essentials, giving them a safe space to rest and heal amidst the chaos.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of innocent children who have been impacted by conflict in Gaza. Help provide them with the safety and security they deserve.




In collaboration with partners like Rotary, our dedicated team is on the ground in Egypt, coordinating our response to ensure that aid reaches the most vulnerable families in Gaza swiftly and efficiently. With your unwavering support, we can offer them security and stability in a time of despair and uncertainty.

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