Shine For ShelterBox

Get together to brighten lives

Light in the darkness

Shine for ShelterBox and change lives around the world.

Join communities all over the country to brighten lives by hosting a fundraising candlelit dinner for friends and family.



When disasters strike and power lines go down, families are left vulnerable, wrenched away from comfort and light.

This is why our ShelterBox aid often includes solar lanterns that bring light and immediate safety to those who have lost everything.

Read about our partnership with LuminAID

It’s simple to get involved. On this page, we’ve provided all of the necessary materials you’ll need as well as some ideas for you to customize your event.

Scroll down and you’ll also see the Shine Contact Form. We would love to hear about your event!

As you dine, you’ll be raising money to provide emergency shelter for families who have lost everything in the blink of an eye.

Whether you love getting together with friends or already have a party planned for the festive season, you can make a difference. By holding a heart-warming evening you can bring light to families in their hour of darkness.

Tips for hosting a perfect event

Getting together for a cozy candlelit feast is the perfect excuse to catch up with family and friends this winter, and you’ll be helping to brighten lives and bring protection to families all over the world at the same time.

1. Be prepared
Decide on a date that suits you and choose a location for your dinner. Whether it’s in your dining room, or at a restaurant you love, the most important element is that friends come together over a meal. Let people know using the invitations available for download below.

2. Have fun 
In addition to enjoying the great company and wonderful food, think about what you could do to add a bit of fun to your dinner. We have created conversation cards to help your event get started.

3. Set the scene
Create the right atmosphere for your heartwarming dinner with low lights, candles, and just a little sparkle. Use our downloadable place settings and ShelterBox story cards to finish off your table decor. We also created a script you can share to set the tone.

Shine event: Have fun!

4. Plan your menu 
Think about what you can cook for friends and family before the day of the event. Check out the beautiful recipes in our Shine for ShelterBox Magazine from Chefs that are guaranteed to wow your guests.

5. Give generously 
By donating your time and food to host a dinner you’re helping to provide emergency light, shelter and other vital supplies to save lives. Through our Shine fundraising webpages or through a personal gift the night of, your guests can make a difference for those devastated by disaster. Every penny we raise counts and we’re very grateful for your support.

Printed Materials

Thank you for hosting an event for ShelterBox!

We have custom printed materials for you! Click on the links to open the PDF which you can print or save to your computer.

Event Planner — Set the date and create lists for both guests and groceries.

Script — Basic information about ShelterBox’s work and an introduction for your event.

Invitations — Tell your family and friends about your event with these themed invitations!

Name Card — Help everyone at your event to get to know one another.

Conversation Cards — Break the ice and start a conversation about global disaster relief.

Story Cards — Small stories that detail the impact of ShelterBox’s lifesaving work.

Shine Quiz — Game on with questions about ShelterBox, science, song lyrics, food and more!

Shine Magazine — Open the link or view the embedded magazine below for recipes, decorating ideas and more!

Donation Form – Allow your guests to fill out their own ShelterBox donation form at the event.

Shine Magazine

Shine Magazine is your source for hosting a perfect event!

From unique event ideas to renowned recipes to tips for raising more money, we’ve included all the details. Go ahead and plan your event. We’ve got you covered.

Click the arrows on either side to flip pages. Double-click to zoom in or out.
Click here to view the file in a new tab

Your Own Webpage

Harness the power of the internet!

Create an online page which allows you to do your own ShelterBox fundraising. Tell your story, set a goal and deliver a campaign via email or social media.

We make it easy to connect with your community and track your progress. Everything you need in one place.

An easy option for your event, just have a tablet or computer available so guests can donate to your cause!

Get Started

LuminAID Fundraising Package

The LuminAID solar light is one of the many innovative aid items that we send to families around the world. The solar light can last up to 16 hours on one charge, they are lightweight and can float on water, making them easy to carry in any situation.

LuminAID is proud to offer discounted pricing on their various solar lights to ShelterBox supporters to support your fundraising and events.

LuminAID has three pre-set fundraising packages that make it easy for Rotary groups to start fundraising.

If you don’t have the funds for an upfront purchase of a fundraising package, we recommend buying individual solar lights to collect orders before returning to purchase a larger package.

Please note that orders placed through this program should only be used for advocacy and fundraising to support ShelterBox. You are responsible for collecting funds and directly making a donation to ShelterBox. 

For more information or to order a fundraising package, please visit LuminAID here

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Why Shine?

Marion Brown raised more than $450 when she hosted a Shine for ShelterBox evening for her friends.

ShelterBox Shine Party

Marion and her husband decided to host a candlelit dinner to support ShelterBox because they share our strong values.

They were delighted to help raise funds and spread the word about our work because we get aid to where it needs to go, we work with local people and we make sure we help families who really need support.

Marion said: ‘We’re really fortunate that we have a house that is big enough to hold a large event, so we love using what we’ve got for the benefit of others.’

It was a really nice evening together with friends – particularly because it had a purpose. If you know that’s your goal then it makes all the preparation quite fun too. You just want to make it fun for everyone!

Marion Brown

Brightening Lives

You'll help people like William and Annie

Shine ShelterBox case study

When monsoon rains brought waist-high floodwaters to William and Annie’s village, their whole house was destroyed. Their crops were washed away and all of their belongings were lost – even their livestock.

They were also left without light. In Malawi, where William and Annie live with their five children, the sun sets quickly and the nights are completely dark. At night, deadly black mambas and other poisonous snakes come out, making even short trips to the latrine a dangerous prospect.


This is why we pack a solar light in every ShelterBox.

These clever lights are waterproof, inflatable and can last up to 16 hours on just one charge. For families like William and Annie’s, solar lights are much more than a convenience – they mean safety and security.

The Impact

How our aid has helped disaster survivors