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ShelterBox Ambassadors are the voice and face of ShelterBox in and around their communities.  We currently have around 250 active Ambassador volunteers around the country available for presentation opportunities.

While many are equipped with demo equipment to share with you, keep in mind some are not.  Though not everyone has equipment, all Ambassadors are equipped to speak about our mission and our current work. Our team works hard to fill every request that comes through, but there are times when we cannot fulfill your need.  This happens when we do not have a nearby Ambassador, we are unable to reach those nearby, or the Ambassador’s availability does not line up with the request.  Many times, we are able to work with the Ambassador to schedule a later presentation.

To ensure we have enough volunteers to cover our growing need, we are constantly recruiting new passionate people to join us.  Visit our volunteer page to learn more about our different volunteer opportunities.  Perhaps you or someone you know is the next person to share ShelterBox in your community!

Thank you for reaching out and inviting ShelterBox to be a part of your event!

View the map below to see if we have an Ambassador near you.

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