Our Inclusive Approach to Shelter Aid

by Aubrey Schipper June 29, 2024

This Pride Month, we share more information on our inclusive approach to shelter aid.


Looking back at 2023

by Aubrey Schipper February 12, 2024

A look back at the work of ShelterBox in 2023, bringing shelter aid to people affected by disaster and conflict.


Our Partnership With Rotary in Morocco

by Aubrey Schipper February 8, 2024

Read about how collaboration with Rotary International, local people, and other partners enabled our response to the earthquake in Morocco.


Standing with Maui

by Kerri Murray August 15, 2023

ShelterBox USA is determined to stand with those affected by the Maui wildfires and is working with our Rotary partners on the ground. 


Why ShelterBox Pre-positions Aid

by Carrie Baptista August 11, 2023

Read about why ShelterBox pre-positions aid around the world.


How ShelterBox Prioritizes Sustainability

by Carrie Baptista April 25, 2023

Read about ShelterBox’s efforts to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our aid packages and in the communities we serve.


How One ShelterBox Adventurer Turned His Passion Into Action

by Jeremy Jacobs April 7, 2023

Learn all about Steven Tonkinson’s “Everesting Challenge” for ShelterBox.


The Syria Conflict: A Crisis Within A Crisis

by Shauntae Manders February 23, 2023

Conflict, financial crisis, and more. Read on to learn why the recent earthquakes could not have hit a more vulnerable place than Syria.


6 Forgotten Crises That Need Your Attention

by Shauntae Manders January 17, 2023

Here are 6 major humanitarian crises (besides Ukraine) that you need to know about.


Statement from ShelterBox USA President Kerri Murray on COP27

by Kerri Murray November 18, 2022

Read SBUSA President Kerri Murray’s statement on the recent COP27 conference.
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