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Turkey & Syria Earthquakes


Within minutes, the home they built with their own hands and everything they had worked hard for was reduced to rubble.

Nurgül vividly recalls the night of the earthquakes, when she and her husband ran outside as their house collapsed around them. The streets were filled with cries of anguish as they joined countless others who had lost their homes.

The horror only intensified when they learned that the seven-story building where many of their family members lived had also crumbled.  The desperate pleas for help still echo in Nurgül’s mind, haunting her with memories of that fateful night.

Nurgül drinking coffee outside of her new home.

However many days have passed, it is still that day to me. I still imagine the place is swinging again, shaking. I wonder if it will happen again.”



Despite the passage of time, the trauma remains fresh, as Nurgül still feels as though she is reliving the nightmare with each passing day. The fear of another earthquake looms over her, a constant reminder of the fragility of their existence.


Since the earthquakes, Nurgül and her husband have been living in a temporary tent settlement, where the support from ShelterBox has been a beacon of hope. Receiving a tent brought immense relief and comfort, providing them with a sense of security and belonging in the midst of uncertainty.

For Nurgül, the significance of ShelterBox’s support goes beyond the physical shelter it provides. It symbolizes the restoration of dignity and the feeling of having a place to call home once again.

Every corner of the tent holds a special meaning, evoking sentiments of warmth and familiarity reminiscent of their own home. And in the simple act of zipping up the tent, Nurgül finds solace and relief, allowing her to savor the taste of her coffee once more.


When I get in my tent and zip it up, I feel relieved. When there is no tent, the coffee I drink is not coffee. But here, in my tent, my coffee tastes like coffee.”

Nurgül holding her new solar lamp, provided by ShelterBox.

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