ShelterBox USA exhibits at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival

Peace, Love and Shelter

ShelterBox USA was one of 20 nonprofits selected to exhibit at the 2018 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival.

ShelterBox USA was one of the featured charities in Planet Roo, the charity row located in the very center of the festival grounds. 2018 marks the fourth year ShelterBox has been invited to exhibit and engage at Bonnaroo.

The music festival, which features 150 artists of mixed musical genres as well as comedy sets, static art displays, and interactive performances, takes place in Manchester, TN, just off of I-24 and halfway between Nashville and Chattanooga. With an attendance of roughly 75,000 to 80,000 annually, the small town of Manchester, for a short time, becomes the sixth largest city in the state. 2018 featured headliners like Muse, Eminem and The Killers.

Throughout the weekend, the ShelterBox team enjoyed meaningful conversations with attendees around the concepts of disaster relief and volunteering.

A team of six ShelterBox volunteers worked in and around the tent each day, inviting attendees to see the contents of a ShelterBox and to participate in the new Off The Grid challenge.

ShelterBox tent at Bonnaroo 2018
The ShelterBox USA tent at Bonnaroo 2018

ShelterBox USA Bonnaroo Team 2018
The ShelterBox USA volunteer team at Bonnaroo 2018

Off The Grid invites you to go 24-hours without power. When disaster strikes, families lose more than just access to social media. By going Off The Grid, you can better understand the challenges faced by disaster survivors and raise awareness for the humanitarian work of ShelterBox.

Learn more about going Off The Grid:

Off The Grid

ShelterBox USA - Off The Grid - Bonnaroo 2018
Off The Grid pledges at Bonnaroo 2018


In addition, ShelterBox USA presented a class at the Planet Roo Academy called Disaster Preparedness: Lessons Learned from a Disaster Relief Charity.

Key areas of discussion focused around the different types of aid that ShelterBox sends in the field, the practical uses for each in domestic situations, as well as the types of regional disaster situations that affect the US.

ShelterBox USA class at Bonnaroo 2018
Disaster preparedness class at Bonnaroo 2018

ShelterBox tent at night - Bonnaroo 2018
The ShelterBox USA tent lit up at Bonnaroo 2018

Bonnaroo Music Festival

Special thanks to the Bonnaroo Music Festival and the Planet Roo staff for this unique partnership

Learn more about the Bonnaroo Music Festival and its commitment to sustainability and inspiring change.


Bonnaroo 2016

ShelterBox team at Bonnaroo 2016

ShelterBox tent at Bonnaroo 2016

ShelterBox USA at Bonnaroo 2016

ShelterBox volunteers at Bonnaroo 2016

Bonnaroo 2015

ShelterBox being carried at Bonnaroo 2015

ShelterBox tent at night at Bonnaroo 2015

ShelterBox USA in Planet Roo at Bonnaroo 2015

ShelterBox volunteers at Bonnaroo 2015

Bonnaroo 2014

ShelterBox globe at Bonnaroo 2014

Girl with a ShelterBox tattoo at Bonnaroo 2014

ShelterBox tent at Bonnaroo 2014

ShelterBox USA volunteer team at Bonnaroo 2014


ShelterBox and Bonnaroo 2018