5 fundraisers that inspired us during coronavirus

by Yiota Liopetriti July 11, 2020

Read inspiring stories from people who have been fundraising for us during lockdown.


Being Better Allies – Practical Steps

by Lucy McMenamin, ShelterBox Philanthropy Executive June 26, 2020

When it comes to the subject of sexuality, gender, and sexual orientation, preconceived ideas around what the ‘norm’ is are changing.


How Has Lockdown and Social Distancing Changed How We Listen to Feedback?

by by Malcolm Shead, ShelterBox Head of Accountability & Learning June 19, 2020


How Has Our Disaster Response Work Changed During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

by Rachel Harvey, ShelterBox Operations Coordinator June 19, 2020


Coronavirus: An Impossible Choice for the World’s Vulnerable

by Nicky Stephens May 29, 2020

For many people, coronavirus is the biggest threat we have faced in years. It’s the biggest thing in our lives right now – stopping us from working, posing a risk to our health and threatening us...


Six Reasons Why We Love Giving Tuesday

by Philly Byrde May 4, 2020

Inspiration from some of the brilliant aid workers, volunteers and fundraisers supporting ShelterBox through the coronavirus crisis.


Coronavirus: It’s not over until it’s over everywhere

by Sanj Srikanthan ShelterBox CEO April 16, 2020

This global pandemic is changing all our lives. It’s our duty as humanitarians to help those least able to protect themselves.


5 Things You Need to Know About Coronavirus

by Nicky Stephens April 2, 2020

And how it’s affecting families living through disaster


‘Kunyumba’ – A Story of Home and Recovery After Cyclone Idai

by Danny Whear March 5, 2020

Joined by renowned photographer, Sian Davey, and filmmaker Benn Berkley, we documented Mwalija village’s journey of self-recovery in a multi-media project we called ‘Kunyumba’ (meaning...


Interview with Mustafa, ReliefAid Worker in Syria

by Yiota Liopetriti February 20, 2020

Hear from Mustafa, a photographer for ReliefAid, as he gives us an insight on what it’s really like to be on the ground in Syria.