Family poses following Typhoon Vongfong


6 Ways to Give Back this Christmas

by Yiota Liopetriti, ShelterBox Digital Marketing Executive November 9, 2020

2020 has been a year like no other. Here are six ways to make an impact this Christmas on the lives of families affected by disaster.
Rachel with local volunteers


20 Years of ShelterBox: 4 Volunteer stories that take us back

by Yiota Liopetriti, ShelterBox Digital Marketing Executive October 13, 2020

As we celebrate our 20th birthday this year, we couldn’t forget our volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to help us make sure families receive emergency shelter after disaster.
Woman passes aid box in Vanuatu


Logistics at ShelterBox: how do we get aid to the people that need it?

by Rachel Hall, ShelterBox Logistics Co-Lead October 8, 2020

In the era of coronavirus, the challenges of transporting aid around the world are greater than ever. See how we get our aid to disaster-affected communities.

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5 Reasons to Sign up to ShelterBox Book Club

by Catherine Thornhill, ShelterBox Book Club Coordinator September 9, 2020

As the nights draw in and the world remains changed by coronavirus, there has never been a better time to join an online book club, but why join ours?


Preparing for a busy Hurricane season

by Yiota Liopetriti, ShelterBox Digital Marketing Executive August 25, 2020

The 2020 Atlantic Basin hurricane season is more active than usual, with more powerful named storms than average since the start of the season. Read how we’re preparing.


Why information is vital in the fight against coronavirus in Paraguay

by Dave Ray ShelterBox Horizons Lead August 4, 2020

Learn more about the coronavirus situation in Paraguay and how we’re helping families to protect themselves.


Celebrating 20 Years of ShelterBox

by Nicky Stephens, ShelterBox Digital Marketing & Innovation Manager August 3, 2020


Coronavirus crisis: Why we need support right now

by Robyn Cummins, Director of Fundraising and Communications July 20, 2020


5 fundraisers that inspired us during coronavirus

by Yiota Liopetriti, ShelterBox Digital Marketing Executive July 11, 2020

Read inspiring stories from people who have been fundraising for us during lockdown.


Being Better Allies – Practical Steps

by Yiota Liopetriti, ShelterBox Digital Marketing Executive June 26, 2020

When it comes to the subject of sexuality, gender, and sexual orientation, preconceived ideas around what the ‘norm’ is are changing.