World Humanitarian Day 2020

In honor of World Humanitarian Day, which is held every year on 19 August, we are celebrating our trusted global partners.

As the world continues to fight the coronavirus pandemic, we are working with our partners nonstop. Together, we are overcoming unprecedented challenges to support vulnerable people who are already going through a crisis.

We wouldn’t have been able to provide support for people in need in Syria, India, Ethiopia, Tanzania and beyond without the incredible work of our partners.


Coronavirus crisis: Why we need support right now

Coronavirus has changed everything, including the way we work and respond. Our mission remains the same; we exist to provide emergency shelter to communities worldwide who have seen their lives turn upside down after disaster. But alongside conflict and disaster, coronavirus is now added to the mix of the many risks that families face.

5 Things You Need to Know About Coronavirus

And how it’s affecting families living through disaster

How Has Our Disaster Response Work Changed During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Ask any aid worker what they like most about their job, and they will probably describe meeting and acting alongside the people we are trying to support. But with international travel impossible for now, that invaluable interaction has for us become impossible.That doesn’t mean the work stops: it just means we have to get creative.