ShelterBox + Climate Change

June 1, 2017

President Donald Trump has announced that the U.S. is withdrawing from the 2015 Paris climate agreement.

Global disaster relief agency, ShelterBox, offers comment on President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw America from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

ShelterBox has grown over 17 years into an international organization with affiliates all over the world – including ShelterBox USA.

Their experience in the world’s worst disaster and conflict zones has given unique insight on the effects of extreme weather events.

Chris Warham, ShelterBox


Climate change is not fake news.

America leaving the Paris Climate Change Agreement is incredibly disappointing and could mean even more hardship for the most vulnerable people on our planet.

Through our work with devastated communities across the world, we’ve seen first-hand how the growth and movement of populations combined with poverty and increasing extreme weather events means more and more families are dealing with the consequences – including flooding, landslides, drought, famine, and tropical storms.

Leaders in the global community have a responsibly to unite and do more to protect the people who are impacted the hardest by these events.

We urge Mr. Trump to reconsider remaining committed to the Paris agreement on climate change.

Chris Warham, Chief Executive of ShelterBox



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