Our vision: A world where no family is without shelter after disaster

Who we are

ShelterBox is a global organization made up of people who believe in shelter as a human right – that shelter from the chaos of disaster and conflict is vital.

When people are plunged into crisis, normality is suspended. But good, quality shelter can cut through the chaos. This is why we provide tools that enable people to rebuild homes and transform their lives.

We do things differently. We were born different. We started life as a small organization in the UK and have grown to make a big impact across the world. We don’t follow the crowd – we’ve carved our own path that leads straight to the families we support.

The tent and other items we have been given have made my life so much better. I can sleep at night and stay with my family peacefully.

-Modu Gambo, Minawao Refugee Camp, Cameroon


Boxes and kits packed full of essential supplies

What sets us apart

We put families first

Every decision we make is based on the families we help. We ask communities and families what they most need to support their own recovery after disaster. After a response, we evaluate all of the aid we provide by talking to, and learning from, the families who use it.

We go the extra mile

We go to hard-to-reach communities, often those that are overlooked by others, to reach vulnerable people in need of life-saving shelter and supplies.

We plan for tomorrow

We are forward-thinking. We continually seek new ways to tackle the challenges we face, proactively researching new ideas and adapting to changing circumstances.

We are specialists in emergency shelter

We focus on providing the essential tools needed to help rebuild homes as quickly as possible after disaster. We use our experience and expertise to continue evolving and make sure we deliver the exact support families need in the best possible way.

We are a global network

We have a network of affiliates and supporters around the world raising vital support for the people we help. We are official project partners with Rotary International and Rotarians around the world help us to connect with local communities more quickly when disaster strikes.

What's important to us

Building relationships

We have strong bonds, just like the families we help. ShelterBox is made up of dedicated staff, supporters, and volunteers. Together, we bring the knowledge, vitality, and conviction to go further – faster.


Building Peace

Every minute, more families lose everything in the chaos of conflict. Their homes, their livelihoods, and even family members are brutally snatched away. Take a look at how we’re helping to build peace, one family at a time here.

Building Peace





At ShelterBox, we are proud to have safeguarding policies in place designed to protect the families we help, our operational staff and our incredible response team volunteers who travel to disaster areas with us, and the local communities we work with.



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Who We Are

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