ShelterBox Welcomes Noaman Sharief to Board of Directors

Media Contact: Jeremy Jacobs [email protected] (858) 531-3362 

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — ShelterBox USA, a global disaster relief and humanitarian organization, announced today that veteran investment and portfolio manager Noaman Sharief of Milwaukee has joined its board of directors.  

For more than 20 years, ShelterBox has provided shelter and other essential items to the most vulnerable forced from their homes by disaster and conflict. It is currently responding to the crisis in Ukraine, setting up multiple relief programs both inside and outside the country, to help the more than 3 million refugees who have fled Ukraine, and the millions who remain internally displaced within the country. 

Sharief, who immigrated with his family from India as a teenager, is currently a Senior Vice President at Dana Investment Advisors and an adjunct at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has immediately stepped into the role of treasurer of ShelterBox USA’s board.  

“We are thrilled and grateful Noaman has joined our board,” said ShelterBox USA President Kerri Murray. “Noaman has a long and rich history of service and giving back to his community, including through his local Rotary Club. ShelterBox USA will benefit greatly from Noaman’s deep financial experience, and he will help us meet the growing needs of millions of people around the world who are forced from their homes by disaster and conflict.”  

Sharief became aware of ShelterBox through his work with the Elmbrook Rotary Club. ShelterBox is the official disaster relief partner of Rotary International, and Sharief said he was immediately drawn to ShelterBox’s mission of providing emergency shelter and living essentials to families following disasters or conflict.  

“It transforms people’s lives,” Sharief said. “People have no roof, no place to feel secure. Nowhere to congregate with their families. ShelterBox changes the game for those families. And then by doing that, for more than just one family, you have helped whole communities. I thought that was a phenomenal idea.” 

Sharief immigrated from Hyderabad, India, shortly before his 18th birthday. He went on to University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, then the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Lubar School of Business.  

Throughout, Sharief has focused on giving back, recognizing that he benefitted from similar acts throughout his career.  

“Along the way, I met numerous wonderful people who helped me identify opportunities and even give me breaks,” Sharief said. “So, I figured out the best way I can give back as it was something for people who are less fortunate.” 

In addition to teaching, running an internship program for college students at Dana Investment Advisors for over 13 years, Sharief has been involved with mentoring individuals ranging from teenagers to the elderly. The leadership at the Brookfield-based Dana Investment Advisors, who are passionate about philanthropy and service, have supported his efforts. 

He has also served on the boards of Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity and the Elmbrook Rotary Club, among others.  

Sharief said he was also attracted to ShelterBox because of its rapid growth, which he expects to continue. 

“I try to pick dynamic organizations,” he said. “Most of the organizations I’ve been part of, I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity where I was able to help take it one extra yard. I also look at the efficiency of the organization – and the impact they are making.” 

It took 15 years for ShelterBox to reach its first 1 million people served since its founding by a Rotary Club in the United Kingdom in 2000. It then took just five more years to provide emergency homes, solar lights, water purification, blankets, cooking equipment and other household goods to the next million, hitting the 2 million served mark in April 2021. 

ShelterBox currently has programs in conflict areas like Syria and Ethiopia, and recently launched a new effort in Yemen, home of what the United Nations has called the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. ShelterBox also launched its largest disaster response to date in the Philippines after Typhoon Rai last December. 

Kerri and Noaman are available for interviews.  More photos available. 


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