Rotary Club of Richmond Donates $75K to Ukraine Response

Media Contact: Jeremy Jacobs [email protected] (858) 531-3362  

RICHMOND, Va.The Rotary Club of Richmond announced today that it will donate $75,000 to support the global disaster relief organization ShelterBox USA’s response to the crisis in Ukraine – and is launching a public campaign to raise much more.  

For more than 20 years, ShelterBox has provided shelter and other essential items to people forced from their homes by disaster and conflict. It is currently responding to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, setting up multiple relief programs both inside and outside Ukraine, to help the nearly 5 million refugees who have fled Ukraine, and the millions more who remain internally displaced within the country. 

“Witnessing the pain and suffering of the Ukrainian people has been deeply moving for members of our club – so we got moving,” said Rotary Club of Richmond president Chuck Duvall. “And now we’re asking the public to join us in this campaign and double the donations our club members have so generously put forward.”  

The Rotary Club of Richmond quickly mobilized to raise $75,000 for ShelterBox’s Ukraine efforts. Further, it is seeking to double those funds with a new online campaign at, then click “Donate to Ukraine.” 

Witnessing the pain and suffering of the Ukrainian people has been deeply moving for members of our club – so we got moving.”

ShelterBox is Rotary International’s global project partner in disaster relief. ShelterBox provides humanitarian aid including Shelter Boxes with family-sized tents and essential tools to start repairing and rebuilding homes. The organization’s kits and boxes are tailored to each response, frequently including items such as cooking sets, solar lights, blankets, water filters, and activity sets for children. 

ShelterBox USA President Kerri Murray, who recently visited Poland and the Ukrainian border to meet with refugees, said this aid is critical to those forced to flee their homes. 

“ShelterBox USA is deeply grateful for the Rotary Club of Richmond’s fundraising efforts and contribution,” Murray said. “This donation will enable us to deliver critical supplies to Ukrainians who need them most. When I was in Poland, I met with women and children who had to travel days by foot, bus, and train to reach the border, many of whom had to leave members of their family behind to fight. The support of the Rotary Club of Richmond is critical to helping us provide aid to those families.”  

ShelterBox is currently working around the clock on three programs inside and outside Ukraine. One is sending thousands of mattresses to “collective centers” like schools, churches, and sports centers in Lviv, Ukraine. Another is currently distributing “ShelterKits” containing tarpaulins, tools, rope, thermal blankets, solar lights, water carriers and other items to help those trying to shelter in damaged homes. The third will help refugees fleeing the country with items they can carry, such as hygiene kits and potentially cash.  

ShelterBox has responded in Ukraine twice previously, in 2003 and 2008, and has experience in protracted conflict zones, including 10 years of work in Syria. 

Kerri is available for interviews from ShelterBox.  Pam Embrey and Jim Bynum are available for interviews from the Rotary Club of Richmond. Photos and videos are also available.


A South Carolina Rotary District has raised more than $100,000  for ShelterBox’s Ukraine crisis response.


The real estate and property management software company has contributed $100,000 to ShelterBox’s Ukraine crisis response. 


ShelterBox is sending a team to eastern Europe to assess the humanitarian needs of people fleeing Ukraine.