ShelterBox Hall of Fame Members are special Ambassadors who have raised over $100,000 in support of ShelterBox’s mission.

Through their support, we are closer to a world where no family is without shelter when disaster strikes.

The members of this elite group include:

$500,000+ Raised

District 6440 Team (Donna Gulley & Ross Spencer)

Jim Carriere

Yi Shun Lai

$400,000+ Raised

Louis Turpin

$300,000+ Raised

Allan Syphers

The Late Jack A. Young

Mark Dyer

The Late James Pickett

Wayne Chiles

Mary Sloan & Jeff Lichty

$200,000+ Raised

Larry Palant

Dick Isackson

Nancy & Jack Faddegon

The Late Bill Woodard

Pete Griffith

The Late Tom & Marie Grant

Brian Glenn

Greg Krauska

Bruce Heller

Gary Olsen

$100,000+ Raised

Jim Miller (NC)

Eric Reise

John Keane

Susan Klock

Tom Deuson

Nancy Dodge

Steven Tonkinson

David Addor

Wayne Robinson

Len Nemeroff

Marshall Stanton

Mike Mira

Kelly Wike

Erik Elsea

David Wolcott

Katherine Fick

Herman Dixon

Parker Emerson

Mike (Sollace) Freeman

Don Jorgensen

Bill Ballou

Bill Decker

Lora Helmer

Reis Pearson


ShelterBox Ambassador

Ambassadors are the face of ShelterBox USA in their community and aim to raise awareness and funds about our work.

Become an Adventurer

ShelterBox Adventurers are ordinary people who take on extraordinary challenges–often with a ShelterBox strapped to their backs.

Make an Impact

Whatever skills, knowledge or time you have to volunteer, you can play a vital part in this process. All we need is your passion.