Halyna's Story

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Conflict in Ukraine


As a widow, Halyna has navigated through immense challenges, particularly amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Prior to the conflict, she led a fulfilling life, cultivating her vegetable garden and greenhouse, and providing for her family and community. However, with the outbreak of conflict, her life was upended in an instant.

Suddenly helicopters thundered overhead, signaling the start of bombings.

Halyna vividly recalls the day it all began:

There were eleven helicopters flying, very big ones. And I’m screaming – THEY’RE GOING TO HIT THE ROOF!”


Halyna staying warm with her fixed boiler, new stove, and wood for burning.


This was the sound of helicopters heralding bombings that forced her family into a basement for 11 harrowing days where they endured the terror of the war. For the next 12 months, they moved from one family member’s home to another, yearning to return to their own but finding it in ruins upon their return.

Halyna received a winter aid package that included a stove and wood for burning. This support brought her immense relief and gratitude, as it provided much-needed warmth and comfort during the coldest months.

Thank you so much! We have no money to fix the boiler, this summer is like salvation. I am very pleased that I received such help. I am happy that I have warmth in my home.”

Wood stove provided by ShelterBox

Wood for burning, provided by ShelterBox.

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