She is smart. She is resourceful. She is a fighter.

She is hopeful

Jenny and her four children found themselves caught in the middle of Tropical Storm Urduja in the Philippines. The storm caused severe flooding where they lost everything.

Jenny explained that the water came up very quickly, and their whole house was under water in a matter of minutes. She went with her family to the local school which was set up as an evacuation center.

Five families were packed into each small classroom, leaving very little space to move around. They were only able to take some clothes when they fled.

When Jenny returned home the next day, everything was gone.

The school needed the rooms back for classes to continue, so many families were pressured to find somewhere else to stay. ShelterBox was able to provide tents and supplies for these families so they could move out of the school.

Jenny was very thankful and said,

The tent has helped a lot, we needed a place of our own again.


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