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She is determined. She is nurturing. She is hopeful.

Lillian holding her pet guinea pig

Lilian is living with her husband, son and grandson in a temporary settlement in Asuncion. Their original home is south of the Paraguay River in a community that has experienced flooding multiple times over the years. Like so many others in her community, Lilian and her family cannot afford to move to a safer area.

With the threat of further flooding, they are unable to return home.

The family have been in the temporary settlement for many months.

Lilian and her family have always kept pets, her son in particular loves animals. They have brought the family guinea pig to live with them at the temporary shelter.

Lillian conversing with aid workers

After collecting the ShelterBox aid, Lilian said the family were very happy and grateful to receive it. She explained how her family are usually allergic to other blankets, but the grey blankets are great as they were not allergic to them. She took particular care of the solar light as she said,

it is such good item from overseas and wants to keep it safe”

She said that having the ability to have light when it gets dark in the temporary settlement makes the family feel much safer. The family are planning to use the ShelterKit to repair their flood damaged home and prepare for future floods.


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