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5 Reasons to Sign up to ShelterBox Book Club

by Catherine Thornhill, ShelterBox Book Club Coordinator September 9, 2020

As the nights draw in and the world remains changed by coronavirus, there has never been a better time to join an online book club, but why join ours?

1. Books sent to your door; help sent around the world

Every six weeks we send a physical book to your home, and your subscription helps us to support families who’ve lost everything to disaster, all around the world.

The books we read are riveting page turners (you’d expect that, of course). But the twist that makes us unique is that every story is inspired by the places and people who have been helped through our disaster relief work. And in turn your donation helps us to support even more families around the world.

2. Travel the world without leaving home

We’ve travelled to 20 different countries in sixteen books. Through the stories of our authors we’ve learnt about the cultures and communities that make up North Korea, Cuba, Lebanon, India and Nigeria – to name a few. As wanderlust kicks in, there’s no safer way to travel than through books.

Our shortlists are inspired by the people we’ve helped around the world. As of 2020 we’ve supported more than 1.5 million people in over 97 countries, so we’ve got a lot more countries to visit and stories to tell!

4. Diversify your bookshelf

Have you been looking at your bookshelf recently and seeing lots of variations of classics from the western cannon? Then we’re the book club for you. 94% of our books have been written by people of color, 56% of them have been written by women of color, and 6% of them have been written by non-binary people of color.

This year has seen a huge uptake in reading anti-racist non-fiction which is brilliant. But seeing the world through another’s eyes – empathizing with the struggles and joys of a diverse range of people – can help you to understand the world, its structures (good and bad) and its people, in a much more nuanced way than statistics.

4. Join a brilliant community from the comfort of your home

With over 2,000 members you’ll meet new friends, have amazing debates and discussions, and find a new community all from the comfort of your sofa!

Our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages are growing, and our online discussions are bringing together people across the country with two things in common: the love of reading great books and the desire to make the world a better place.

5. Bring color to a black and white world

Every day it seems like the world is becoming more and more polarizing. With complex issues often boiled down to two simplified and often opposing points of view. But ShelterBox Book Club helps you to bring color to a black and white world view.


People are at the heart of everything ShelterBox does and it’s the same for our book club. From our character-led book titles, to the welcoming community that votes for and discusses the monthly book selections, when you join you’re helping the world by learning more about it.

So, join us, and then when you next take to your reading nook and immerse yourself in another world, you can be contented that your subscription is helping to change the stories of people around the world facing disaster.

Learn more about our Book Club here and sign up today

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