Urgent Message: Syrian Families Need Our Support Now

The escalation of violence in north-eastern Syria is forcing families to flee unimaginable danger.  

There are fears that if the attacks continue and escalate, they will pave the way for a major ground offensive. This would put up to 1.7 million people in the path of unimaginable danger.

Working through our trusted partners like Bahar Organization, we have recently provided aid to families affected the most  – but it’s not enough. With your support, we can help even more.

Please help us support families in crisis around the world.

Our Work in Syria

The Syrian crisis, described as the worst humanitarian disaster of our time, has caused untold suffering for millions of people.

ShelterBox has been continuously responding to the crisis since 2012. It is the longest response in our history.

We’re working with our partners, Hand in Hand for Syria, ReliefAid and Bahar Organisation, to help those affected.

In 2018, we helped more than 4,000 families by providing tents, tarpaulins, water carriers and solar lights. We also distributed mattresses, children’s winter jackets, insulated baby onesies and hat, glove, and scarf sets for the winter.

We have supported over 50,000 total families affected by the conflict in Syria. But there are millions more living in Syria and neighboring countries who have no shelter, nowhere to go, and no hope for the future.

Together with your support, we’re working to change this.

2019 ShelterBox Syria Anniversary Report

What's happening in Syria?

ShelterBox responding in Aleppo, Syria

What started out as a peaceful protest in 2011 has become the longest-lasting civil war on the planet.

Now entering its ninth year of prolonged violence, Syria’s future is as uncertain now as it was when the fighting first broke out. But one thing remains constant – Syria’s civilians continue to pay the price.

Syrian children, women, and men are bearing the brunt of intensified military activity, heavy fighting, airstrikes, and besiegement.

Over half of Syria’s hospitals are no longer functioning. One in four schools has been damaged, destroyed, or used for shelter.

More than half of all Syrians have been forced to flee their homes: 5.6 million people have left the country and 6.2 million more are internally displaced.

Stories from Syria


An aid worker in Syria

From the Field

ShelterBox in Iraq

ShelterBox in Iraq  

ShelterBox in Lebanon

ShelterBox Tent in Lebanon 

ShelterBox Tent in Jordan 

ShelterBox tents in Turkey

ShelterBox Tents in Turkey

ShelterBox response in Greece 

VIDEO: Syria classroom in a cave

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