Participate in or Hold an Event

In the face of coronavirus, shelter means more than ever. With your help we can be there for families who need us the most.

Take on one of our fundraising events and raise money to provide families with shelter.

Whether you decide to build the perfect den, hit the pavement with our 20 mile challenge or share a meal, our events are a great way of staying connected with your friends, family and community

The Sheltermaker Challenge

Need something constructive to do? Encourage the mini monsters in your life to become ShelterMakers. All you need to do is work together to build the perfect den and share it.

Off The Grid

Take part in Off the Grid and see how you cope with no power for 24 hours: that means no phones, no laptops, no lights, and no social media.

Give a Tent for Lent

We invite you and your congregation to help us provide shelter for a family in need. Find out more.

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