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Paraguay - Flooding

Months of torrential rain linked to climate pattern El Niño have caused severe flooding in the capital of Paraguay, forcing entire communities to move to higher grounds to survive.

There are still more than 11,000 families displaced in Asunción who urgently need shelter and essential aid.

We have a team on the ground, working with partners and local authorities to provide vital aid to 3,000 families who’ve lost their homes.

The floodwater is not expected to recede anytime soon, so families may not be able to get back to their homes until the end of the year.

Malawi - Flooding

Floods hit Malawi in early March and intensified after Cyclone Idai brought heavy rains to Southern Africa. It has forced nearly 125,000 Malawians from their homes.

Our team in Malawi has conducted assessments and identified suitable sites for ShelterBox response. They expect responses will support 1,000 households across two districts.

The first three distributions have occurred in the district of Mulanje to schools that are being used as temporary shelters. We are also talking with Habitat for Humanity and Malawi families to see how we can best support recovery.

Syria - Ongoing Conflict

The conflict in Syria is entering its ninth year. The brutal civil war has so far caused the displacement of nearly 700,000 people.

We’re working with our partners, Hand in Hand for Syria, ReliefAid and Bahar Organisation, to help those affected.

Recently, 1,500 families received vital aid to help them through the winter. The aid includes mattresses, blankets, solar lights, children’s clothing, kitchen sets, and tools.

In total, we have helped 45,000 families who have been displaced by the war in Syria.

Philippines - Tropical Storm Usman

A ShelterBox Response Team is distributing aid in northern Samar, Philippines after Tropical Storm Usman made landfall on Dec. 29, 2018.

The storm was the deadliest weather disaster in the Philippines in 2018, following Typhoon Manghut in September.

We are supporting the local government’s relief efforts by providing emergency shelter and aid items, including ShelterKits, mosquito nets, solar lights, water carriers, blankets and storage boxes.

We have provided ShelterKits and other aid items to 2,193 households.

Lake Chad Basin - The Forgotten Crisis

Since 2009, Boko Haram has been waging an insurgency in Northern Nigeria.

The violence has since spread to the neighboring regions of Niger, Chad and Cameroon.

Around 10.7 million people in the Lake Chad region are in need of relief assistance. 2.4 million people are estimated to have been displaced and perpetual insecurity continues to drive displacement.

To date (since 2015), we have supported more than 11,000 households across Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria and Chad.


Together with our partner IEDA Relief, we’ve provided shelter to over 7,000 families in Cameroon.

Last year, we completed our first distribution of hygiene kits for young women and teenagers affected by the crisis. These kits include personal and laundry soap, a bucket and sanitary towels. Our ongoing project right now aims to serve 800 families with tents, ShelterKits, and other essential items.

We’ve also worked in the extreme north of Cameroon, where families who have escaped Boko Haram needed our support. During 2017-18, we have provided 1,700 tents, 500 ShelterKits, 1,850 semi-permanent shelters, and 6,600 hygiene kits.


In Chad, we are partnering with the local aid agency ICAHD to support vulnerable families who have been affected by conflict.

So far, we’ve distributed vital aid to nearly 4,000 families. The aid includes blankets, buckets, solar lights, mosquito nets and ground sheets.

Distributions are now complete for this project. The final phase provided nearly 2,000 families with tarpaulins, blankets, water carriers, kitchen sets and solar lamps.


Recent Boko Haram attacks in Kablewa have led to massive population displacement in Niger. Many families have been forced to find shelter in host communities, spontaneous sites in the bush or in displacement camps.

We’ve been working with Plan International Niger to provide emergency aid to these families. Throughout Project 2, we have provided ShelterKits, mosquito nets, water carriers, ground mats, and kitchen sets to nearly 2,500 families. Distributions are now completed. Now ShelterBox has decided to pursue a new local partner APBE to develop a new project.


The conflict in Nigeria is now entering its ninth year and the devastating consequences continue to impact structures and the lives of 8.5 million vulnerable people.

We have partnered with ACTED and we have supported over 2,000 families in Nigeria so far.

Project 2 has been completed with 1,205 households provided with shelter. Project 3 is complete and has supported nearly 500 families with essential aid items.

Somaliland - Drought

Severe drought in Somaliland has affected an estimated 766,000 people since November 2016, leading to the degrading of grazing land and displacement of families, forcing them to move large distances to seek fresh food for their animals.

As the drought continues, we are working closely with our partner ActionAid to ensure that families have safe shelter throughout Somaliland.

Project 3 is now completed, with 2,000 households in total receiving ShelterBoxes.

In total, we’ve supported 3,468 families so far with aid items such as blankets, kitchen sets, tarpaulins, tools kits and solar lights, and water filters. A proposal to support 1,000 more households has been approved. This aid will replicate that of previous projects to include tarpaulins, rope, and other essential items.

Ethiopia - Conflict and Flooding

In Ethiopia, severe flooding and conflict have forced people to leave their homes.

Over two million people have been forced to flee because of violent conflicts in the Guji-Gedo zone over the past year.

Severe flooding that started last April has also left thousands of families without homes. These rains have continued, triggering recurrent flooding and landslides.

Thousands of people in the Oromia region have been forced to flee after these devastating floods.

In total, we have supported over 3,000 families with the help of our partner.

Iraq - After the Relief of Mosul

On 10 July 2017, the Iraqi government declared that Mosul had finally been liberated after three years of Islamic State control.

However, the humanitarian situation is still dire in Iraq and the need for ShelterBox aid is as prevalent as ever.

People are slowly returning to Mosul, but there is still a huge need for aid in and around the city, with massive displacement of civilians throughout the whole country.

We have previously supported over 8,000 families in the country. With the help of our partner in Iraq, we’ve recently completed distributions in northern Iraq, providing essential aid to more than 500 families.

Congo - Conflict

Picture from ShelterBox response in the Congo in 2012.

In December 2018, more than 16,000 people fled to the Republic of Congo (also known as Congo-Brazzaville) after deadly violence between communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Many refugees are hosted in remote areas that are already struggling for access to clean water, food, and healthcare. Most of these communities are only acceptable by water and present a challenge for humanitarian organizations.

ShelterBox deployed a team late February to Congo-Brazzaville to assess the situation. The team has now left the country and assessments are still on-going to decide the best response.

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